China landslide leaves 34 dead

Heavy rain triggered a landslide triggered that killed at least 34 people in northern China on Monday, trapping an unknown number of other victims, a state news agency reported.

A landslide triggered by heavy rains swept through a warehouse in northern China on Monday, killing at least 34 people and trapping an unknown number of other victims, Chinese state media reported.

The flow of mud and rocks in Shanxi province caused the collapse of a mine warehouse, Xinhua News Agency reported.

It was not known how many of the victims were inside the warehouse when the landslide occurred at about 8 a.m. in Linfen city in Shanxi.

More than 300 police and villagers were searching for survivors, Xinhua said.

One person was injured, Xinhua reported. Twenty-two people were rescued, state broadcaster China Central Television said.