Islander vows to never take train again

Tracy Perry took the train last Thursday because she was afraid to fly to Toronto. Little did she know what awaited her on Via Rail's train between Halifax and Montreal. As the train rolled through Stewiacke, N.S., something went wrong.

"The only thing I remember happening is it started shaking really bad," says Perry. She was riding in the first car to leave the tracks.

"We could see that we were shaking really bad and they weren't. Then all of a sudden we were going off the tracks."

The car directly behind the one Perry was in was smashed. She wasn't injured but she says people all around her were shaking and crying.

"I was in shock. I didn't realize what was going on," says Perry. "Nobody came to tell us what to do, we were just sitting there."

After the derailment, Perry quickly got over her fear of flying and ended up taking a flight to Toronto.

A teenager from Stewiacke is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday in connection with the accident.

Police do not believe the charged youth intended to derail a train. He's been charged with willful damage to property that endangered lives.