Charles and Diana's wedding champagne falls flat

Auction of champagne from wedding of Charles and Diana called off after nobody antes up reserve price of about $2,365.

An attempt to auction a magnum of Dom Perignon champagne from the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer was called off Wednesday when nobody was willing to pay the reserve price of $2,365.

The vintage 1961 magnum, signifying the year of Diana's birth, was one of a dozen bottled for the 1981 wedding in London.

Winemakers Moët et Chandon had recommended that it be consumed "within two or three years" of the wedding.

Bidding at the auction in Swindon, west of London, stalled at the equivalent of $2,128 before the sale was called off.

The marriage between the Prince of Wales and his glamorous wife ended in divorce in 1996.

Diana died in a Paris car accident a year later, along with her companion Dodi al-Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul.

Tests later showed that Paul had been drinking and taking drugs before the fatal drive.