CBC WikiLeaks coverage

For more than a year, WikiLeaks has been releasing leaked military, intelligence and diplomatic information.
A Canadian soldier prepares to head out on a foot patrol at sunrise from a small Canadian outpost south of the Afghan town of Bazar-e Panjwaii in April 2011. According to a U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government in 2009 was reconsidering its planned 2011 end date for the Afghanistan combat mission. (Colin Perkel/Canadian Press)

For more than a year, WikiLeaks has been releasing leaked military, intelligence and diplomatic information. Here's a roundup of reports on the release of some of the previously secret data:

Canadian issues

CSIS eyed many suspects in terrorist cases: WikiLeaks

Charest defends against WikiLeaks report 

U.S. contrasted 'forceful' Rae, 'meek' Ignatieff: WikiLeaks

Canada reconsidered Afghan combat end date: WikiLeaks

Ocean Lady sparked U.S. fear of Tamil migrant tide

Montreal Metro bomb plot threat in 2004: WikiLeaks

U.S. diplomatic cables have been released by WikiLeaks about Canadian political leaders Jack Layton of the NDP, left, Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc, Stephen Harper of the Conservatives and Michael Ignatieff of the Liberals, shown on April 13, 2011. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

U.S. cables dissect Canada’s leaders: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks docs touch on Atlantic Canada

WikiLeaks cable notes Harper's Senate 'about-face'

Emera had worries about Williams: WikiLeaks

Parties, Laureen Harper focus of WikiLeaks cables

'No hope' NDP will govern: 2008 WikiLeaks cable

Prentice was ready to curb oilsands: WikiLeaks

PM's troubles snagged D-Day invite: WikiLeaks

CSIS ex-chief slams courts, Canadians: WikiLeaks

Canada-U.S. relationship

U.S. contrasted 'forceful' Rae, 'meek' Ignatieff: WikiLeaks

Key CSIS, RCMP operative denounced to U.S.: WikiLeaks

Baird impressed U.S. diplomats: WikiLeaks

Canadians secretly added to U.S. security list: WikiLeaks

Liberals feared too close ties with U.S.: WikiLeaks

WESTON: Canada offered to aid Iraq invasion: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks: U.S. dismisses Harper's Arctic talk

Canada aimed to copy U.S. hostage policy: WikiLeaks

Canada sought Olympics nuclear help from U.S.

WikiLeaks lists Canadian sites vital to U.S. 

CBC shows anti-U.S. 'melodrama': WikiLeaks

International issues

Niger suspected of misleading RCMP on Fowler abduction

U.S. targeted EU on GM foods: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks: U.S. spied on NATO boss

Canada's Afghan pullout irked U.K. PM: WikiLeaks 

Diplomat Robert Fowler, seen here in March 2010, spent months in the hands of al-Qaeda captors before his release. (CBC)

WikiLeaks: Ransom paid for Canadian diplomats

Libya threatened Petro-Canada operations: WikiLeaks

Japan, U.S. targeted whaling watchdog: WikiLeaks

Hamas, Hezbollah worst Israel threats: WikiLeaks

China frustrated with North Korea: WikiLeaks

Netanyahu was open to land swaps: WikiLeaks

Karzai released dangerous detainees: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks reveals undiplomatic U.S. critiques

WikiLeaks: Mideast nations urged strike on Iran

Iraq death toll higher: WikiLeaks