Catchphrase involving Canada hot in Brazil

A remark made in a Brazilian real estate infomercial has brought fame to a teen girl and to Canada.

'Except for Luiza, who is in Canada' phrase sparks phenomena

A remark made in a Brazilian real estate infomercial has brought fame to a teenage girl and to Canada.

Her father, reported to be the well-known newspaper columnist Gerardo Rebello, appears in an infomercial which promotes condominiums in the northeastern state of Paraiba. The man is shown along with his family saying that he would like the viewer to buy one of the apartments in the ad.

According to CBC reporter Connie Watson, the man says: "It would fit my family nicely except for my daughter Luiza, who is in Canada."

That last phrase has become a viral hit, with Brazilians recording songs and changing the lyrics to include the line: "Except for Luiza, who is in Canada."

Luiza Rebello, 17, of Brazil, says she's gotten offers for marketing jobs but wants to continue with her studies. (CBC)

A group of young people even created a cartoon video game featuring Luiza skiing while avoiding pine trees, rocks and a sasquatch.

Watson says the phrase "Except for Luiza, who is in Canada" is being used by many in Brazil.

According to Rebello, the commercial's producers made him put the line in because the family is so well known in Paraiba, where the ad aired, people would wonder where his 17-year-old daughter was.

On a six-month exchange in Barrie, Ont., about an hour's drive north of Toronto, Luiza began to get texts from people asking about her after the infomercial first ran on Jan. 11. By the time she was due to return to Brazil, her dad had already revealed that his daughter was expected home in mid-January.

She became so famous, Facebook created a special page in which 11,000 people signed up and said they would greet her when she got off the plane from Canada.

As a result the family had to cancel that flight and sneak her into Brazil quietly.

She is now featured in new infomercials for her dad’s company.

Watson says Luiza has been offered "marketing and PR jobs which she has turned down, saying she’d like to continue studying and perhaps return to Canada"

Ever since the ads first aired, Watson says Luiza’s dad has sold eight of those apartment suites.