Canadian convoy hit by suicide bomber: witnesses

An explosion that hit a Canadian convoy in Afghanistan was the work of a suicide bomber, witnesses said Friday.

A strike against a Canadian military convoy in Afghanistan on Fridaywas the work of a suicide bomber, witnesses said.

No Canadians were wounded, but an undisclosed number of Afghan civilians were taken tohospitalafter the early afternoon blast, military officials said.Witnesses on the scene described the attack as the work of a suicide bomber.

Earlier Friday,it was reported that the convoy had struck an improvised explosive device as it was entering Kandahar city upon its return from Zhari and Panjwaii districts.

The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined, a Canadian military official in Kandahar said, explaining that it may have been anIED. Suicide attacks can fall under that category.

In a separate incident in southern Afghanistan on Friday, a suicide car bomber targeting a NATO convoy killed 10 people, including five children and a Dutch soldier. Four Afghan men were also killed, provincial police Chief Gen. Abdul Qasem Khan said.

Other media reported that a foreign soldier belonging to a U.S.-led coalition force had been killed in combat on the eastern side of the country.

More thantwo dozenmilitants died in the violence Friday, officials said.

Theincidents occurred the same daythat the body of Trooper Darryl Caswell is being returned to Canada.Caswell, 25, who was a member of the Royal Canadian Dragoons of Petawawa, Ont.,was killed Monday when a roadside bomb exploded near the vehicle he was riding in.

Hewas the 57th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan.

A repatriation ceremony for Caswell will be held Friday evening at CFB Trenton. Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor is expected to attend.

With files from the Canadian Press and the Associated Press.