Canada taking fight to Taliban in Panjwaii

Canadian soldiers just completed largest campaign of the season in violent Panjwaii district.

Canadian soldiers in Kandahar have just completed one of their largest operations so far this year, aimed at harassing the Taliban out of a key area south of Kandahar city.

The four-day Operation Constrictor in the violent Panjwaii district netted a cache of weapons and bomb-making materials, and was a milestone for the Afghan National Army and their Canadian mentors, Canadian officers said.

Capt. Alain Aube says the operation included a battalion of Afghan soldiers, who planned their part of the mission and held their own against insurgents.

Several recent operations have also focused on the area, where Canadians dismantled four Taliban bomb-making factories in July, one of the bloodiest on record.

Canadian soldiers will maintain a permanent presence in the area, which borders the Dand district where Canada has established a so-called model village in the town of Deh-e-Bagh.

The Canadian military hopes to expand its model-village approach, as part of a broad coalition plan to defeat the insurgency one community at a time.