Campaigners take Brexit to the Thames

Both sides in Britain's EU referendum campaign, better known as Brexit, use boats to get their message to the masses.

Both sides in Britain's EU referendum use boats to get their message to the masses

Britain's opposing EU referendum camps took their war of words onto the water as campaigners aboard rival vessels demonstrated on the River Thames in London on Wednesday. 

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The battle for Brexit sends a shot across the bow.

What was quickly dubbed the Battle of the Thames on Twitter began when campaigners for Britain to leave the EU sent a flotilla of some 30 fishing boats up the river decked in colourful flags and anti-EU banners. 

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Farage says yes to Brexit.

Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, stands aboard one of the boats in a flotilla of fishing vessels campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union.

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Bob Geldof wants Britain to stay.

Musician and activist Bob Geldof, centre, was on hand for a counter-demonstration by Remain supporters who waved pro-EU banners.

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Dinghies were no match for Brexiters.

Remain campaigners in dinghies tried to disrupt the demonstration by the Leave flotilla of fishing vessels.

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Farage says Geldof speaks only for the rich.

Farage denounced Geldof's supporters as "a bunch of upper-middle-class rich people and multimillionaires laughing at people whose voices have never been heard for 40 years."

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Britain's EU decision is imminent.

Britain's referendum on the country's membership in the European Union occurs on June 23.

(Stefan Wermuth/Reuters)