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Thomas is a CBC News reporter based in Toronto. In recent years, he has covered some of the biggest stories in the world, from the 2015 Paris attacks to the Tokyo Olympics and the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. He reported from the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa and the Pope's visit to Canada aimed at reconciliation with Indigenous people.

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Faces of the lives lost: These families blame Kenneth Law for their grief

A TikToker, a university student and a teenager are among the more than 110 lives cut short in multiple countries, allegedly linked to Toronto-area man Kenneth Law. Law is charged with counselling or aiding suicide in Ontario, but families around the world accuse him of being responsible for their loved one's deaths.

Canada's Tornado Alley may be moving from Prairies to Ontario-Quebec, warn researchers

The tornadoes that ripped across suburban Ottawa and near Montreal on Thursday highlight a growing concern for researchers. Preliminary data trends suggest Canada’s most densely populated zone, in Ontario and Quebec, may become the country's epicentre for twisters, with increasingly devastating consequences.
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Mother says she asked Ont. police to investigate alleged poison seller before multiple deaths

A mother in northwestern Ontario is accusing police of failing to ask questions after her daughter's suicide attempt that could have led investigators to alleged poison seller Kenneth Law a full year before his arrest.

U.K. police in spotlight for not charging alleged Ontario poison seller

A British coroner on Friday urged police to wrap up their investigation into a 2021 suicide, amid authorities' renewed scrutiny of an Ontario man's controversial website. Kenneth Law, of Mississauga, Ont., is accused of selling a toxic substance online to at-risk individuals in multiple countries.

Toronto-area police probe more sudden deaths for ties to Kenneth Law

At least three Toronto-area police agencies are reviewing recent investigations into sudden deaths for possible links to Kenneth Law, as a growing number of authorities across the country confirm they, too, have been involved in the sprawling probe. Law is accused of selling a toxic substance online to at-risk individuals.

Sask. police probing sudden death for link to Kenneth Law

Police in Regina have reopened an investigation into a sudden death that may be connected to an Ontario man who was arrested earlier this week for the alleged sale of lethal substances.

Ontario man charged in alleged sale of substance linked to 2 Peel deaths, international probe continues

A man allegedly behind the online sale of a lethal substance linked to deaths abroad has been arrested and charged after two deaths in Peel Region, police say. 

Suicides abroad prompt Peel Police to investigate website that sold lethal substance

A report in the Times of London focusing on an Ontario man's website has prompted a Peel Regional Police investigation. The report linked the defunct site's sale of a toxic substance to multiple suicides overseas. Toxicology experts warn of a troubling increase in suicides involving sodium nitrite.

Ukrainians who fled to Canada are building armoured vehicles to help war effort

Assembling heavily protected trucks for a battle nearly 8,000 kilometres away is demanding labour, but some Ukrainians working at the Roshel armoured vehicle plant near Toronto consider it their way of contributing to the war effort back home.

Hudson's Bay, Gap, PetSmart among stores that gave customer data to Facebook's owner

A CBC News review of Facebook user data suggests a variety of well-known retailers, including Hudson's Bay, Lululemon and Best Buy, have been sharing customer details with the platform's parent company. A watchdog recently said Home Depot breached privacy law by not properly getting customers' consent.