Susan Ormiston

Senior correspondent

Susan Ormiston's career spans more than 25 years reporting from hot spots such as Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Haiti, Lebanon and South Africa.

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For Ukraine's war wounded, physical injuries compounded by trauma of how they got them

While there is often an emphasis in conflict on the dead, the wounded end up bearing not only the burden of their injuries but the memories of what they witnessed.

In Lviv, Ukraine, civilians take resistance to Russia into their own hands

On the outskirts of Lviv, Ukraine, a handful of men had the road to their town blocked with heavy machinery and metal barricades. It's part of the civilian-led resistance movement in this western Ukraine city.

After years of war in Kandahar, Taliban leaders now seek aid from former enemies

Two months after the Taliban swept into Kandahar — part of its march toward the ultimate collapse of Afghanistan — CBC News went back to the southern region where Canadians had fought and died.

Pakistan's tricky adjustment to the Taliban's return to power next door

A month after Pakistan's prime minister heralded the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan as "breaking the chains of slavery," his government is adjusting its conflicted relationship with the Taliban and urging the world to help Afghanistan rather than isolate it. Susan Ormiston reports from Pakistan.

'In search of a better life': Afghans in desperate need inside and outside the country

More than two weeks after the Taliban swept into Kabul, there is still no working government, leaving Afghans increasingly anxious and some looking to a new life in Pakistan for a better future.

Canadian Afghans stranded in Kabul frantic for help from Canadian government

The story of a small group of Canadian Afghans trying to escape the country gives a glimpse of the danger that hundreds of others with ties to Canada now face in the aftermath of the Taliban takeover.

'I'm scared': Afghan who worked with foreign partners fearful of Taliban visits

Taliban soldiers riding in Afghan army vehicles visited apartments in Kabul on Tuesday, looking for former Afghan government staff and other Afghans who worked with international organizations, according to an eyewitness who spoke with CBC News.

Biden brings old hostilities and new grievances to meeting with Putin

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have decades of political experience and share a preference for aviator sunglasses, but don’t expect the highly anticipated summit between the two presidents in Geneva on Wednesday to thaw frozen U.S.-Russian relations, writes Susan Ormiston.

Murder trial in George Floyd death tests how much — if anything — will change in U.S.

Minneapolis is on edge as the George Floyd murder trial tests how much, if anything, will change in the U.S. almost 10 months after the death of the 46-year-old Black man in police custody sparked global outrage.

What the jury will consider as it deliberates fate of ex-police officer charged with killing George Floyd

Did former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin act reasonably and within his authority when he applied force during the arrest of George Floyd? And did those actions, including his knee pressed on the neck and back of the 46-year-old Black man, result in his death? These are the two main questions jurors in Chauvin's murder trial will have to answer.