Saša Petricic

Senior Correspondent

Saša Petricic is a Senior Correspondent for CBC News, specializing in international coverage. He has spent the past decade reporting from abroad, most recently in Beijing as CBC's Asia Correspondent, focusing on China, Hong Kong, and North and South Korea. Before that, he covered the Middle East from Jerusalem through the Arab Spring and wars in Syria, Gaza and Libya. Over more than 30 years, he has filed stories from every continent.

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Political violence related to COVID-19 could lead to 'unravelling of societies' worldwide, observers say

From South Africa to Cuba, Haiti to Lebanon, we are seeing some of the biggest riots, protests and challenges to governments in decades. Many seem to be sparked by the economic and social impacts of COVID-19 and government attempts to contain it, writes Saša Petricic.

'Press freedom in Hong Kong is effectively dead': Journalists lose hope after Apple Daily forced to close

Two summers ago, in the heat of Hong Kong's massive street demonstrations when pro-democracy protesters faced off against police, journalists from the opposition Apple Daily were always on the front lines. This week, they say the national security law those protesters were fighting against was used to shut down their newspaper.

Battling opposition and 4th COVID wave, Tokyo forges ahead with Olympics

Besieged by growing opposition and a fourth wave of COVID-19, Japan is determined to go ahead with the Tokyo Olympic Games next month.

Only 'true patriots' need apply: Beijing's tough new laws turn Hong Kong's elections into selections

Beijing’s new election rules give the central government sweeping powers to eliminate those considered disloyal. Even so, this week’s crackdown on democratic rights still shocked those who opposed the measures.

Netanyahu tries to inoculate himself against defeat as Israel's voters head to polls in pandemic

As Israel holds its fourth election in two years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who leads the right-wing Likud party, is currently on trial in three separate cases involving fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes. He's hoping that the country's vaccination program will bring him victory on Tuesday.

In Myanmar, the generals are used to getting their way. Did they miscalculate this time?

The military coup, now three weeks old, is facing daily protests from a wide swathe of civilians, including youth that grew up with the internet and expectations of western freedoms. Now, a widespread civil disobedience movement has brought the country's government and the generals' cash flow to a near standstill.

How Myanmar's generals kept their options open even as voters believed power was theirs

Even as civilian politicians passed laws and Myanmar was held up as an imperfect but inspiring example of peaceful transition to democracy, its military generals never gave up power.

Surging in remote and poor areas, Brazil's COVID-19 death toll is 2nd highest in the world

A new, more contagious COVID-19 variant is advancing through Brazil's Amazon region, where the coronavirus death rate is more than triple that of Canada's. ICUs are full and oxygen supplies are running low while the disease spreads in remote and poor areas.

A huge wetland is burning in Brazil, and the fires are far bigger than California's

The world's largest tropical wetland is not supposed to burn. And yet, Brazil's Pantanal is on fire. Some 25,000 square kilometres have already been destroyed, and experts say it's going to get worse.

Libya 'one hell of a mess' as civil war spirals into international free-for-all

Nine years after NATO helped oust strongman Moammar Gadhafi, Libya's civil war continues, with the west largely abandoning it as ceasefires are broken and embargoes ignored.