Saša Petricic

Senior Correspondent

Saša Petricic is a Senior Correspondent for CBC News, specializing in international coverage. He has spent the past decade reporting from abroad, most recently in Beijing as CBC's Asia Correspondent, focusing on China, Hong Kong, and North and South Korea. Before that, he covered the Middle East from Jerusalem through the Arab Spring and wars in Syria, Gaza and Libya. Over more than 30 years, he has filed stories from every continent.

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In Myanmar, the generals are used to getting their way. Did they miscalculate this time?

The military coup, now three weeks old, is facing daily protests from a wide swathe of civilians, including youth that grew up with the internet and expectations of western freedoms. Now, a widespread civil disobedience movement has brought the country's government and the generals' cash flow to a near standstill.

How Myanmar's generals kept their options open even as voters believed power was theirs

Even as civilian politicians passed laws and Myanmar was held up as an imperfect but inspiring example of peaceful transition to democracy, its military generals never gave up power.

Surging in remote and poor areas, Brazil's COVID-19 death toll is 2nd highest in the world

A new, more contagious COVID-19 variant is advancing through Brazil's Amazon region, where the coronavirus death rate is more than triple that of Canada's. ICUs are full and oxygen supplies are running low while the disease spreads in remote and poor areas.

A huge wetland is burning in Brazil, and the fires are far bigger than California's

The world's largest tropical wetland is not supposed to burn. And yet, Brazil's Pantanal is on fire. Some 25,000 square kilometres have already been destroyed, and experts say it's going to get worse.

Libya 'one hell of a mess' as civil war spirals into international free-for-all

Nine years after NATO helped oust strongman Moammar Gadhafi, Libya's civil war continues, with the west largely abandoning it as ceasefires are broken and embargoes ignored.

Japan's traditional work culture takes precedence over physical distancing in Tokyo

Japan's workers are encouraged to stay home and practice physical distancing by the government, and companies are asked to scale back or close amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But in Tokyo, the country's traditional work culture has kept many going to the office daily.

Japan has 3 times the population of Canada but one-third the COVID-19 cases despite looser lockdown

Unlike other places in the pandemic world, Japan issues suggestions instead of commands. Violating them could get individuals a stern look, businesses a public shaming, but rarely a fine.

Detective work and a culture of cleanliness — has Japan found its own way to stop COVID-19?

If Japan seems complacent about the threat of coronavirus in a world that's been crippled by it, that's partly because the number of infections here has been relatively low. But that could change, writes Saša Petricic.

China prepares to close borders to foreigners, fearing 2nd wave of COVID-19

China announced Thursday it is closing its borders to all foreigners as of Saturday, including those with visas and residency permits. The move comes as it tries to stem the number of new coronavirus infections, most of which are now coming from abroad.

'A whole country locked inside': China struggles with coronavirus, and a new normal

The coronavirus’s epicentre may be a thousand kilometres south in the province of Hubei, but the nervousness has spread to China's capital, Beijing, and engulfed the whole country, writes Saša Petricic.