Richa Syal

Richa Syal is a journalist based in the U.A.E. She previously worked for CBC News Labs as a web developer and CBC Radio as a multimedia producer. Prior to this, she was based in Malaysia, reporting on environmental and climate change issues.

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U.A.E. and Israel have world's fastest vaccination programs — what can the West learn from them?

While the vaccination successes of Middle East countries such as in Israel and the United Arab Emirates can be partly explained by their small populations and relative wealth, medical experts say the West can take some lessons from the approach to COVID-19 vaccinations in the region.

United Arab Emirates hopes easing of restrictions around alcohol, gender help boost global image and economy

Recent reforms in the United Arab Emirates affecting everything from women's rights to alcohol consumption are a sign the majority-expat country sees liberalization of its strict laws as key to its economic prosperity while it tries to bolster its global standing and overcome a weakening economy and the pandemic.
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CERB is transitioning to EI. What does that mean?

As CERB payments are set to end next month, here is what the federal government's new plan for assisting Canadians during COVID-19 means to current and future qualifiers.
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What is a prorogation of Parliament?

Parliament is prorogued until Sept. 23. Here's what prorogation means, how it's been used in the past and what comes next. 

Here's a list of well-known men in Canada called out for alleged sexual misconduct since Weinstein

The revelations of sexual misconduct by high-profile men in the U.S. isn't just an American story. Men well known to Canadians have also been called out for allgedly inappropriate actions since the Harvey Weinstein story broke.
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Scream choir, record-shattering opera and the most annoying car alarm: The best sounds of 2017

As It Happens’ list of the coolest, weirdest and most memorable sounds of the year
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The local paper closed last week — so he's opening his own

Many are mulling what happens next for the communities hardest hit by Postmedia and Torstar's mass newspaper shutdowns. Bob Liddycoat's reopening his old paper.

Dan's Law seeks to fill gap in access to palliative care in Ontario

When Dan Duma returned home for his final days, the publicly funded healthcare he grew up with was suddenly gone, and all he did was leave Ontario.