Megan Williams

Rome correspondent

Rome correspondent Megan Williams has covered everything from Italian politics and migration to the Vatican and the Venice Biennale for almost two decades. Her award-winning documentaries can be heard on Ideas, The Current and other CBC shows. Megan is a regular guest host of As It Happens and The Current.

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Paul Haggis accuser tells Italian police she was raped twice

The British citizen who has accused Canadian-born screenwriter and director Paul Haggis of raping her in Italy told Italian police she was sexually assaulted twice by Haggis over several days, after joining him in the southern tourist town of Ostuni where he was headlining a film festival.

Paul Haggis denies sexual assault claim in Italian court appearance

Canadian-born director and screenwriter Paul Haggis, who was arrested on Sunday evening in Italy on charges of sexual assault and grievous bodily harm, declared his innocence before a judge on Wednesday.

Canadian director Paul Haggis under house arrest in Italy after sexual assault allegation

Canadian-born and Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis is under house arrest in Italy after a woman accused him of sexual assault on Sunday.

How a Canadian chef is helping migrant women put down 'Roots' in Italy

Montrealer Jessica Rosval believes in “kitchens as community,” a notion the award-winning chef is applying to Roots, her new culinary venture in Modena, Italy, that trains migrant women for careers as chefs and helps them integrate into life in Italy.

Stan Douglas is Canada's artist at Venice Biennale but bristles at notion of 'representing Canada'

Vancouver artist Stan Douglas has a two-part show at this year's version of the esteemed Venice Biennale: the photographic series 2011 ≠ 1848 and the video installation ISDN.

She used to be a pro-democracy journalist in Russia. Now she helps Ukrainians find refuge in Budapest

In the Hungarian capital of Budapest, Russian Anastasia Chukovskaya has seen her life overtaken by a painful, urgent imperative to help Ukrainians fleeing the violence inflicted by her country.

Hungarians openly challenged authoritarian rule in election campaign, but can they unseat PM?

Vocal citizens and a coalition of disparate opposition parties united behind one leader hope to bring an end to the 12-year reign of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his far-right Fidesz party on Sunday.

Proposed statue of 17th-century female prodigy raises uncomfortable questions about Italy's monuments

A movement to honour Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia, the first woman in the world to graduate from university, with a statue in Padua's Prato della Valle square has sparked a national debate in Italy about historical conservation and gender representation in monuments.

Canadian violin maker makes his mark in the Italian town where the instrument was invented

Forty years ago, a Canada Council grant allowed Bernard Neumann to move from Montreal to Cremona, Italy, to apprentice. He’s now one of world’s top violin makers and restorers.

Italy is about to bring in the strictest COVID-19 measures in Europe

Despite violent protests in Rome this weekend over new COVID-19 requirements for workplaces, Italy is moving ahead with the strictest measures against COVID-19 in Europe.