Megan Williams

Rome correspondent

Megan Williams has been covering all things Italian, from politics and the Vatican, to food and culture, to the plight of migrants in the Mediterranean, for more than two decades. Based in Rome, Megan has also told stories from other parts of Europe and the world and won many international prizes for her reporting, including a James Beard Award. Her radio documentaries can be heard on Ideas and The Current. Megan is also a regular guest host on CBC national radio shows.

Latest from Megan Williams

Italian PM touts importance of national identity while asking for international help on migration

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni urged its 193 member states to "wage a global war" against smugglers.

Italy's anti-migrant rhetoric does nothing to stem the tide of arrivals

This week, thousands of migrants landed on Lampedusa, essentially doubling the small Italian island's population.

In a corner of Italy, upholding ancient tradition of making Parmesan cheese takes a modern turn

The Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, founded in 1934 to defend the cheese's 1,000-year-old tradition and guarantee the standard and production of Parmesan, takes its raison d'être extremely seriously. The industry is now using digital technology to fight fakes.

Canadian play on climate change brings digital and physical worlds crashing together

Animate, a play by Chris Salter, uses the latest VR technology to bring to life a Canadian short story that explores the connections between people and the climate transformation now underway.

The Odyssey, but make it an airport. New play turns Homer's poem into a modern epic

A new version of Homer’s Odyssey called Ulysses, The Last Odyssey, a spoken-word and dance show with a hauntingly powerful soundtrack by Calgary folk-rock band Reuben and the Dark, ran in June and July at an open-air amphitheater in Sicily.

This near-empty Italian village is drawing people back with street art

Thousands of stunningly picturesque towns and villages in Italy sit half-empty, as the country's declining birth rate and prolonged economic crisis have led to an exodus of people from non-urban areas. In Civitacampomarano, a small town in the southern region of Molise, residents are drawing people in with street art.

Brothers reunite after migrant ship capsizes, bringing a brief reprieve from grief in Greece

After three days of unwavering grief in Greece following the sinking of a vessel carrying hundreds of migrants to Europe, two brothers had a tearful reunion. Meanwhile, UN officials and human rights groups called on European authorities to get tougher on human traffickers and demanded safer migration routes for asylum seekers.

Look up: How the Sistine Chapel changed this Canadian author's life

Michelangelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel may be one of the most exalted works of art in the world, but Michelangelo's own relationship with it was complicated. Canadian writer and Rome resident Jeannie Marshall had a complicated relationship with it, too, reflecting her family's tormented relationship with the Catholic Church.

Canadian architects bring campaign to address housing crisis from the street to world stage

The Canadian pavilion at the prestigious Venice Architecture Biennale in Italy has been transformed by a collective of architects, housing activists and experts for the exhibit Not for Sale!, a political, social and creative campaign that aims to address the housing crisis.

Happy chaos in Rome as families — 1 Ukrainian, 1 Italian — wait out the war together

For more than a year, A Ukrainian family has lived with a Canadian-Italian family in Rome, sharing child care, cooking and errands. The resulting experience, say both families, has profoundly impacted how they view the world, family life and themselves.