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Foreign correspondent

Kris Reyes CBC’s correspondent based in New York. She is a multimedia journalist with more than 15 years of experience in broadcast and digital newsrooms in the U.S. and Canada, as a host, producer, anchor and reporter.

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Canada's voting record at United Nations faces scrutiny as Israel-Hamas war intensifies

Amid Israel's war with Hamas and the heated debates that have arisen at the United Nations as a result, Canada's public positions on the Middle East are being examined and scrutinized more than ever before.

After dismal start, UN hosts 'halftime summit' in bid to save development plan

After a dismal start, the UN is hosting a "halftime summit" about its 15-year plan to meet a series of human-development targets by 2030. Delegates will try to focus on problems like extreme poverty and gender equality while watching for sparks between the representatives of Ukraine and Russia.

Filipinos break ground, bring controversy to Broadway with reboot of Here Lies Love

A musical that focuses on Imelda Marcos and her late dictator husband Ferdinand Marcos, is about to make its Broadway debut with an all-Filipino cast. Some critics charge that it glosses over the dictator’s regime, the show’s creators say it offers lessons on how to deal with tyranny.

Canadian architects help lift 'curse' of bad sound at New York's famed Lincoln Center

In 2016, a Canadian architecture firm was asked to help solve a notorious problem in one of the greatest concert halls in the United States: terrible acoustics. When it reopened last fall, the renovation received rave reviews.

On Broadway, diversity takes a step into the spotlight

There's a transformation happening on Broadway, driven by actors, producers and industry leaders demanding more representation in an industry that has traditionally been predominantly white.

As the Philippines votes for a new president, a political dynasty is back in play

On Monday in the Philippines, more than 67 million registered voters began casting ballots to choose the country's next president, and in doing so decide the country’s next chapter.

Empire State is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world. Can others follow suit?

While industry and transportation have long been labelled as major carbon culprits, some environmental advocates are trying to raise awareness about another troubling source, especially in dense, urban areas — buildings.

War in Ukraine tests the limits of UN diplomacy

Weeks of emergency sessions at the United Nations have failed to secure a ceasefire in Ukraine, testing the limits of UN diplomacy and putting the credibility of the global body charged with maintaining international peace and security on the line.

Year of reckoning for Big Tech: How U.S. lawmakers plan to rein in companies like Facebook and Google in 2022

New bills before the U.S. Congress include measures aimed at addressing a broad range of concerns about Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple, ranging from anti-competitive behaviour to the mental health impact of using social media and the spread of disinformation on online platforms.

Broadway determined to stage a big comeback despite reopening stumbles

The stakes are high as plays and musicals return to the Broadway stage after the pandemic shutdown, but already there have been setbacks.