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U.S. stands by claim diplomats attacked in Cuba

The United States stood behind its assertion that U.S. personnel in Cuba were deliberately attacked and raised the possibility Tuesday that it was by a virus, as lawmakers and even the FBI challenged the government's initial theory of "sonic attacks."

Cuba mystery: U.S. doctors find brain abnormalities in victims

Doctors treating the U.S. embassy victims of suspected attacks in Cuba have discovered brain abnormalities as they search for clues to explain hearing, vision, balance and memory damage, The Associated Press has learned.

Tourist fears he was hit by Cuba mystery, years before U.S. diplomats

In 2014, numbness spread through all four of Chris Allen's limbs within minutes of climbing into bed at the same Havana hotel where American government workers were later targeted. Convinced the incidents must be related, Allen joined a growing list of private U.S. citizens asking the same alarming but unanswerable question: Were we victims, too?

U.S. sanctions new Venezuela VP using drug kingpin legislation

The Trump administration imposed sanctions against Venezuelan Vice-President Tareck El Aissami on Monday, accusing him of playing a major role in international drug trafficking.

Obama not expected to make a final Mideast peace plea as president

President Barack Obama has nearly ruled out any major last-ditch effort to put pressure on Israel over stalled peace negotiations with the Palestinians, U.S. officials said, indicating Obama will likely avoid one last row with Israel's government as he leaves office.

Obama, in final UN speech, calls for world course correction

U.S. President Barack Obama concedes that his country and other world powers have limited ability to solve the most profound challenges facing the world, while calling for a "course correction" to ensure nations don't retreat into a more sharply divided world.

Hamilton cast delivers spirited White House performance

The multiethnic cast of the Broadway sensation Hamilton stormed the White House for a one-of-a-kind performance rich with symbolism and a touch of irony: singing about Alexander Hamilton's unlikely transformation from impoverished immigrant to American historical luminary.

Barack Obama says constitution on his side in Supreme Court dispute

President Barack Obama is challenging Republicans to live up to their avowed adherence for the Constitution and agree to vote on his nominee to replace late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. A key Republican is leaving the door open to taking the first step.

U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden won't seek Democratic nomination for president

U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden declared Wednesday he won't run for president in 2016, ending a months-long flirtation with a third White House campaign and setting him on a glide path toward the end of his decades-long political career.

Obama heads north of Arctic Circle as Alaska climate tour continues

President Barack Obama will see indigenous people living in conditions unimaginable to most Americans as he becomes the first sitting president to visit Alaska's Arctic — or, as it's more commonly known in Canada, north of the Arctic Circle.