Colleen Ross

CBC Radio producer

Colleen Ross is a senior producer for CBC Radio national news and has covered stories from across Canada and around the world. She has lived in Europe, West Africa and East Africa. Colleen created the CBC Radio program Babel and has written extensively on language.

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Extreme altruism: Why do some people help others at great risk to themselves?

Why do some people do extraordinary acts of altruism, at great risk to themselves? Calvin Stein rescued a little girl from the path of runaway ponies, only to get trampled himself. It turns out that the brains of extreme altruists, like him, are wired differently.

Trump's jabs, Clinton's upraised palms could reveal who has the upper hand in debates

It's not what you say; it's how you say it. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be well advised to remember that adage when taking the stage at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., Monday night for the first U.S. presidential debate. We break down what their gestures tell us about the two candidates.

Class of 2015: 5 ways for graduates to find a job

Even in an uncertain economy, there are at least 5 ways for graduates to get a job — from being in an in-demand field to volunteering — that will help launch them into their career.

Social media: Are we as informed as we think we are?

Upstairs in a Toronto restaurant, a few dozen strangers mingle and drink, laughing and leaning into conversations. They’re talking about everything from terrorism and education to robotics and marriage, and they are escaping the silos imposed by social media.

Colleen Ross: The winning words of candidate-speak

When Barack Obama and Mitt Romney launch into their campaign speeches, some words have more value than others, researchers are finding.

The desperate synonyms of fashionspeak

How catwalk vogue-words sashay into the mainstream

Silly sayings in the department of redundancies

We all have words or phrases we use that we know are superfluous, ones that add nothing to what we're saying, that annoy us when we hear them too often (especially from others), Colleen Ross writes. Mine is "going forward."

The great typo hunt

It's amazing the number of spelling mistakes you can find on public signs these day, Colleen Ross writes. But they are not just amusing, they can cost business.

The secret to learning languages

There are a couple of tricks to learning other languages. One is to learn how your brain learns, another is to have fun, Colleen Ross reports.

The slinky, seductive sound of brand names

Rolex rolls, Ferrero Rocher melts. Nokia clicks. Some brand names just work, Colleen Ross writes, and that often is because of the linguistic research that goes into them.