Chris Brown

Foreign Correspondent

Chris Brown is a foreign correspondent based in the CBC’s London bureau. Previously in Moscow, Chris has a passion for great stories and has travelled all over Canada and the world to find them.

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In the volatile streets of Paris, Macron may be winning his war of attrition against the unions

France’s pension battle has become a war of attrition between the country’s unions and President Emmanuel Macron. Already, the biggest winner is France’s far right.

Suffocated by Israeli occupation, a new generation of Palestinian militants takes up the fight

In the occupied West Bank, the authority of the aging Palestinian leadership is being challenged by the rise of younger, unaffiliated militant groups. And their approach to dealing with the Israeli occupation is violent and unpredictable.

10 weeks of street protests in Israel have failed to sway Netanyahu's nationalist government. So what might?

Israel’s street protesters claim their democracy is crumbling, but 10 weeks of demonstrations have failed to halt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's nationalist coalition government’s potentially combustible changes.

Russia's attacks aimed at breaking Ukraine's spirit this winter seem to be missing their mark

Ukrainians appear to be surprising even themselves with how they're handling the fallout from Russian strikes on their energy infrastructure. There are rotating power outages in all major cities, but people are adapting and still finding ways to enjoy life.

Meet a Canadian medic escaping Russian artillery strikes and saving lives on Ukraine's front lines

Brandon Mitchell of Miramichi, N.B., has escaped death more than once trying to help Ukrainians on the front line of the Russian invasion. He talks to CBC News how he's survived and why he's working as a medic in a war he calls his own.

Ukraine braces for expected new Russian onslaught, with or without Western tanks

Russia claimed it launched a new offensive in southern Ukraine over the weekend, but Ukraine's Defence Ministry dismissed it as an act of propaganda. Nonetheless, even as the debate over supplying Western battle tanks remains unresolved, Ukrainian soldiers are preparing for what they believe is an inevitable new Russian offensive.

In northern Ukraine, Canadian-donated armoured vehicles are a key line of defence

If Russian troops launch a renewed attack on Ukraine from the north, chances are the first opposition they'll run into is a Ukrainian soldier fighting them off in an armoured vehicle donated by Canada.

In Ukraine, the battle for Soledar may be a life-wasting diversion for a looming, larger fight

After one of the bloodiest battles of Russia's war against Ukraine, the town of Soledar appears to have fallen. Russian mercenaries and regular troops suffered immense casualties, which could dramatically impact what each does next, say military observers.

How Canadian doctors are helping Iranian colleagues document brutality of regime

As Iran executed a second anti-regime demonstrator in a week, protests continued inside the country unabated. Medical professionals, who are among those facing the greatest personal risk, are being helped by colleagues overseas, including Canada.

Why the battle for the small city of Bakhmut is so important to both Russia and Ukraine

One of the longest-running battles in Russia's war on Ukraine is in the Donbas city of Bakhmut, where Russian forces have suffered immense losses for months trying to break Ukrainian positions.