Chris Brown

Moscow Correspondent

Chris Brown is a foreign correspondent based in the CBC’s Moscow bureau. Previously a national reporter for CBC News on radio, TV and online, Chris has a passion for great stories and has travelled all over Canada and the world to find them.

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'The Kuzbass is now just one big hole': Siberian coal town residents on their failed effort to come to Canada

In 2019, residents of Kiselyovsk, Russia, a city surrounded by vast, open-pit coal mines, made a video asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to allow them to come to Canada as environmental refugees. Two years later, they've lost hope that Canada or their own government can remedy what they say are unbearable living conditions.

It's time to bleed Belarus's economy, says former Lukashenko adviser

Alexander Lukashenko has survived as Belarus's authoritarian ruler for 27 years by knowing how to play Russia off against the West. But did his gambit to "hijack" an Irish airliner to arrest a government opponent go too far?

Russia has plenty of COVID-19 vaccine doses. What's missing is trust

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin is one of the rare voices in Russia calling people out for not doing their civic duty and getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Unlike many countries that have struggled to get enough doses for all age groups, Russia's problem is less about supply and more about trust.

Kremlin targets workers with Moscow's iconic Metro who support jailed opposition leader

In Russia, the crackdown on anyone associated with imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny has now entangled the Moscow Metro system after dozens or perhaps even hundreds of workers were fired in recent days after anonymously signing a petition calling for his freedom.

New Russian film on Chornobyl nuclear disaster skips the coverup, focuses on heroes

Russia has finally released its own film treatment of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, a testament to the heroic deeds by those sent to ground zero during the catastrophe. But for many who were there in 1986 and risked their lives, the film triggers emotions they’d rather forget and unanswered questions 35 years later.

As Russia's confrontation with the West escalates, so has its crackdown on dissent at home

As Russia’s confrontation with the West deepens, domestic critics of President Vladimir Putin say they’re paying a heavy price. Activists with pro-Western leanings are being arrested and jailed and journalists say they are facing intimidation.

Vladimir Putin calls off his army but it may not be going far

News that Russia is pulling back many of its troops from the Ukrainian border has come as a relief to many who feared a renewed conflict might be at hand. But even though soldiers are going home, in some cases their equipment is staying behind. CBC News visited one Russian base to have a look.

What might be behind Putin's latest confrontation with Ukraine

Russia has reportedly sent thousands of troops to the border areas with Ukraine, worrying some that it may be poised for another invasion. The prospect of a summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russia's Vladimir Putin has cooled temperatures for now - but maybe not for long.

Margarita Gracheva's ex-husband cut off her hands. Now, her own TV show is helping other victims of violence

Russian domestic abuse survivor Margarita Gracheva is hosting a television show she hopes will help others, but broader efforts to assist women coping with family violence have had little success recently in a country where advocates are frustrated by the indifference they see from authorities.

Pandemic couldn't keep ice-marathon diehards away from freezing temperatures, views on world's deepest lake

Every winter, dozens of Russians and international visitors lace up their special ice cleats and embark on a remarkable 42-kilometre run across Siberia's Lake Baikal. This year was no different. Stunning drone footage offer's a bird's eye view of the runners' route across the world's deepest lake.