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Annie Rueter is an intern with CBC News. She is completing a Master of Journalism at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and reports on a wide range of topics, including arts and politics. Connect with her on Twitter: @annierueter1

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Inflation rate rises to highest level in 6 years at 2.5%

The cost of living in Canada is going up at its fastest pace since 2012, new numbers from Statistics Canada show, as gas prices have risen by almost 25 per cent since last summer.

Netflix shares down 5% after streaming company has 'hiccup' in subscriber growth

Netflix stocks initially fell more than 14 per cent Tuesday after the company announced it added fewer subscribers in the second quarter than analysts were expecting. But analysts are calling the results a hiccup.

'Strong but not stellar' quarter for Netflix shows higher profit, but slower subscriber growth

Netflix released second quarter earnings after stock markets closed on Monday, and while the streaming giant revealed it added fewer new customers than anticipated, it still added more than 5 million people to its customer base in the past three months.

Esports teams say WHO's designation of gaming disorder doesn't worry them

The World Health Organization added "gaming disorder" last month to its 11th International Classification of Diseases, but for most professional video gamers and esports players, it's no big concern.

Canadian housing starts increased to 248,100 in June

Urban multi-family units — the portion of the numbers that include condominiums — drove the increase, particularly in Eastern Canada.

Inflatable tubes? Watertight pouches? Anxious Twitterverse pitches ideas to rescue Thai soccer team

The mission to rescue the 12 young soccer players and their coach in Thailand has captured the world's attention since the group went missing on June 23 and was found trapped in a cave nine days later. Good Samaritans on social media are even proposing innovative ideas to try to help the effort.

What Canadians need to know about our peacekeeping mission in Mali

Canadian troops are set to join the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, a country that's been torn apart by violence since 2012 and has proved to be one of the UN's deadliest missions.