Annie Burns-Pieper

Annie Burns-Pieper is a freelance investigative reporter and producer. She has a particular interest in themes of gender equality, public safety and health.

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'All about the money': How women travelling to Canada to give birth could strain the health-care system

Women travelling to Canada to give birth to babies who will automatically become Canadian citizens are prompting concerns about the strain they may be putting on the health-care system, The Fifth Estate has found.

The plague is spreading rapidly in Madagascar, which already had highest number of cases worldwide

A deadly outbreak of the plague is spreading across Madagascar, a country that already had the highest number of cases in the world of a disease long forgotten about in the West.

Trump changes to foreign aid restricting access to family planning services in poorest countries

Women in some of the poorest countries in the world are already feeling the effects of the Trump administration's sweeping changes to foreign aid and losing access to family planning services that advocates say reduce unintended pregnancies, abortions and maternal and newborn deaths.
CBC Investigates

Advocates, experts and mothers call for action on the mistreatment of women during childbirth

The stories from women across Canada featured in a CBC News investigation last week about alleged mistreatment and abuse in the delivery room have inspired 130 more women to share their own traumatic experiences and advocacy groups to demand action.
CBC Investigates

8 tips to help maternity patients advocate for themselves in delivery room

CBC News spoke to Chris Power, CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, about how maternity patients can advocate for themselves during childbirth.
CBC Investigates

'Stop! Stop!': Canadian women share stories of alleged mistreatment in the delivery room

As part of an extensive investigation, CBC News contacted hospitals and health authorities across the country and found that hundreds of complaints about treatment in maternity care have been made since 2010.
CBC Investigates

'A scene from a horror movie': 9 mothers speak out about alleged mistreatment during childbirth

CBC News has heard from dozens of women from across Canada who say they were mistreated by doctors and nurses in the delivery room. Here are nine of their stories.

Health concerns over 'keepsake' ultrasounds

Entertainment ultrasounds are marketed as a way to bond with a fetus, yet there is suggestive evidence that ultrasounds can have a biological effect on the unborn.

Baby sex selection ad targets Indo-Canadians

A U.S. clinic is advertising embryo gender selection services in a Canadian newspaper that targets South Asian communities.

Indian immigrants' 3rd child more likely to be a boy

New research confirms that significantly more boys than girls are born as third children to women from India raising families in Ontario. The research was inspired by a controversial editorial published earlier this year about the prevalence of sex-selective abortions.