Andrew MacDougall

Andrew MacDougall is a Canadian-British national based in London who writes about politics and current affairs. He was previously director of communications for former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper.

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Forget 'positive politics.' Expect a steady stream of Liberal bile until election day

The Liberals have moved to conversion therapy as the next front in the culture war. Having turned down an opportunity to legislate against the practice in the spring session, the Liberals are now saying Scheer can't be trusted to do the right thing.

When will Canada see Trudeau's promised foreign policy wins?

We're now 14 months out from the next federal election, and the Trudeau government has yet to secure a major win for Canada on the world stage.

Conservatives need to be ultra-mindful of the company they keep, especially online

In its zeal to prosecute Trudeau and his Liberal government for its perceived mishandling of illegal border crossings, the Conservatives ignored the rules that govern conservatives when launching attacks on emotive issues like immigration and asylum.

If Trudeau truly wants the ear of Trump and his supporters, he should deliver his message on Fox News

Justin Trudeau appearing on NBC and Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland doing the rounds on CNN will only stiffen the spines of the only people who matter right now: Trump's base.

The antidote to increasingly shameless political partisanship is more friendly fire

We've arrived at the point where provoking serial outrage in observers and opponents is as important — if not more important — to one's re-election prospects than legislative accomplishment. The fury is what triggers the partisan antibodies you need to survive.

Memo to Conservative party brass — there's more than one way to be a Tory: Andrew MacDougall

To the Conservatives angry that "liberals" are offering up their ideas for renewal: stop shouting them down. Who knows, you might even learn something by listening.

The media should just let Donald Trump go on his vacation: Andrew MacDougall

The constant state of breaking news makes it hard for the regular crowd to focus on what's important. Moreover, it risks coming across as petty to those who aren't necessarily Trumpers, but who do think the media is getting up its own backside by covering every Trump fart like it's a room-clearing explosion.

Technology has changed migration patterns, but Western aid policies are stuck in the 1980s: Andrew MacDougall

Can aid-spewing governments be more nimble than the technology that helps migrants flee? Not likely, writes columnist Andrew MacDougall.

A very social Trudeau ducks the accountability of 'elective dictatorship': Andrew MacDougall

One of the only inconveniences of majority government in a Westminster Parliament is having precious few to blame for your misfortunes. There’s a reason they call it an “elective dictatorship,” Andrew MacDougall writes.

If the Tories don't win big in the U.K. election, the knives might come out for Theresa May: Andrew MacDougall

Talks of a Tory landslide ended weeks ago. And while Conservatives are quietly confident they will return to the Commons with a working majority, the fact that it's even in doubt demonstrates how disastrous May's campaign has been.