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Alexander Panetta is a Washington-based correspondent for CBC News who has covered American politics and Canada-U.S. issues since 2013. He previously worked in Ottawa, Quebec City and internationally, reporting on politics, conflict, disaster and the Montreal Expos.

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Biden to meet virtually with Trudeau on Tuesday in first meeting with a foreign leader

U.S. President Joe Biden‘s first official meeting with a foreign head of government will be a virtual encounter on Tuesday with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The hunt for herd immunity: Suddenly, the U.S. seems in better shape on COVID-19

For the last year, stories about hard-hit American communities clobbered by COVID-19 served as a cautionary tale. But things are improving in many parts of the country, with herd immunity inching closer.

Any imminent Biden-Trudeau meeting will be virtual

Any imminent meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have to happen virtually. A White House spokesperson made clear Tuesday that the president has no immediate plans for face-to-face encounters with foreign leaders because of the pandemic.

Impeachment is over. These 4 threats now loom over Donald Trump

Donald Trump's second impeachment and acquittal has unearthed thorny truths about American politics and his indelible place in it. His acquittal was expected. But he still faces threats on four fronts.

Trudeau's criticism of Trump cited at U.S. impeachment trial

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's critical comments about Donald Trump following the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol were raised at the former U.S. president's impeachment trial as D Democrats argued Thursday that the Capitol attack damaged the reputation of American democracy around the world.

Alberta oil's U.S. allies try long-shot measures to get Keystone XL built

Some American politicians are still making long-shot efforts to revive the Keystone XL pipeline project, cancelled last month by U.S. President Joe Biden. They're trying procedural tactics in Congress and making their case in letters to the president.

A Canada-U.S. flap over protecting migratory birds takes new twist

The Biden administration has paused a Trump-era regulation that the Canadian government complained about. It involves the killing of migratory birds — and when to hold humans accountable.

The multi-front battle for the soul of the Republican Party

A multi-front battle is underway for the soul of the Republican Party. This week's Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump is just one front in that struggle. And so far, the forces of Trumpism are winning as Republicans who defy the former president face wrath in their home districts.

Biden team sees Huawei as a threat and wants to talk to allies

The new Biden administration sees Huawei as a national-security threat and wants to discuss the issue with allies. Answers from the nominee for commerce secretary make clear the pressure on Canada to develop a policy on the Chinese telecom company will not relent with the change in U.S. administration.

Keystone XL turns into early club against Biden

President Joe Biden's cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline has become an early talking point against him from domestic critics of his administration — and even some allies.