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Alexander Panetta is a Washington-based correspondent for CBC News who has covered American politics and Canada-U.S. issues since 2013. He previously worked in Ottawa, Quebec City and internationally, reporting on politics, conflict, disaster and the Montreal Expos.

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What makes Trump's impeachment so unusual

No civic ceremony is solemn in Donald Trump's Washington. Not even the third impeachment of a U.S. president. For Trump, what happened Wednesday in the House of Representatives was an opportunity to hold a celebratory rally, as his party backed him for re-election.

What will history say about the Trump impeachment?

U.S. President Donald Trump cares about his place in history and what future generations will say about his impeachment. But what do actual historians think about this moment in time?

Attention travellers: Despite recent ruling, U.S. border agents can still easily search your phone

Travellers entering the United States, be aware: American border agents can still easily search your cellphone. That's despite a much-publicized U.S. court ruling against border guards searching electronic devices without declaring prior grounds for suspicion.

Impeachment is coming. Then what?

A divided country looks headed toward a divided result: A Democratic impeachment in the House, then a Republican acquittal in the Senate, followed by a bitter and hard-fought election campaign that will decide the fate of a president with a unique place in U.S. history.

Canada urges U.S. to save WTO from chaos

The global trading system that took decades to build is days away from disarray as the U.S. appears keen to paralyze the World Trade Organization's enforcement system.

Impeachment inquiry: Trump seemed vulnerable. It didn't last

In the face of bombshell testimony by Gordan Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, at the impeachment hearings Wednesday, the Republican Party formed a defensive crouch around U.S. President Donald Trump and made clear they would defend him to the end.

Trade deal with Canada becomes U.S. impeachment football

Democrats and Republicans are using the not-yet-ratified Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement as a messaging weapon in their battle over impeachment. Hanging in the balance: a deal involving three-quarters of Canada's exports.

How the American environmental movement dealt a blow to Alberta's oilpatch

The plan to weaken Alberta's oilsands came together in a Minneapolis hotel. It was the fall of 2008, and a group of NGOs spent part of a conference there brainstorming tactics for slowing down the growth of the oilsands. They identified pipelines as an ideal target.

Trump impeachment hearings: What we've learned and what's next

Week 1 of televised impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill offered some interesting new details — and an abundance of clues about how this could play out for U.S. President Donald Trump.

Ex-U.S. ambassador to Canada praises witness in impeachment inquiry disparaged by Trump

As Marie Yovanovitch, a witness in the impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump, was being questioned by lawmakers in the second day of televised hearings in Washington, D.C., and denigrated on Twitter by the president, her former boss was commending her work in Canada.

Pelosi says agreement on revamped NAFTA 'imminent'

In a development that would affect Canada and the incoming Parliament, U.S. Democrats say a deal with the Trump administration on the new NAFTA is 'imminent.' The Democrats want to prove they can get things done despite the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

'I'm upset with all of it': Americans react with frustration, skepticism to Day 1 of impeachment testimony

In an America bitterly divided over its politics, the first day of televised impeachment hearings frustrated both sides, with some who watched the proceedings skeptical that it would make a difference and others branding it a waste of taxpayers' money and lawmakers' time.

Trump's impeachment drama is not that different from Nixon's

There are numerous parallels between the Nixon and Trump impeachment probes — and the televised hearings that are about to begin next week are just one item on the list of similarities.

'Nowhere near close:' U.S. rebuffs Trudeau hope for quick NAFTA deal

The United States declared the NAFTA countries were nowhere close to a deal, in a statement Thursday designed to douse expectations that an agreement might be just a few minor adjustments away.

Mexico doubts that a NAFTA deal is possible by Thursday target date

Don't expect a NAFTA deal by this week's supposed target date, Mexico's economy minister said Tuesday. Ildefonso Guajardo told his country's Televisa network that he doesn't see a deal happening by Thursday, which the U.S. Congress calls the latest possible date to get a deal.