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Alexander Panetta is a Washington-based correspondent for CBC News who has covered American politics and Canada-U.S. issues since 2013. He previously worked in Ottawa, Quebec City and internationally, reporting on politics, conflict, disaster and the Montreal Expos.

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Trump says Canada wants to reopen the border. But do we, really?

U.S. President Donald Trump's comments on Friday suggesting Canada is keen to reopen the border with his country stand in direct contrast to statements made by Canadian officials supporting the continued border restrictions. 

Canada's border clampdown could be adjusted to allow humanitarian exemptions

Canada’s border clampdown on travel could soon be adjusted to allow some additional humanitarian exemptions. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said he’s looking to establish a process to weigh certain travel applications on a case-by-case basis.

U.S. calls off tariffs on Canadian aluminum — for now

The United States has hit the pause button on tariffs on Canadian aluminum, agreeing to withdraw current penalties — at least until after the presidential election in November. The move came as Canada was set to impose retaliatory measures that might have been politically inconvenient for President Donald Trump.

How Trump's dairy deal with Canada is viewed in swing-state Wisconsin

Here's how Donald Trump's new dairy deal with Canada is viewed in Wisconsin, a swing state where the new NAFTA is central to the president's re-election message. It could heat up politically, as dairy risks resurfacing as a binational dispute.

Canadian tariffs on U.S. products coming within days

Canada will retaliate within days against American aluminum tariffs with an announcement early next week of a series of counter-tariffs, after U.S. President Donald Trump imposed a 10 per cent levy on certain Canadian products.

A democracy at a boiling point: The view from a U.S. swing county

U.S. democracy is reaching a boiling point. Spend just a few hours in one swing county, and you'll hear about fear: of racial violence, of a way of life disappearing, of the American republic itself in peril and of what comes after the Nov. 3 election.

Another monument to a country's founder up for re-examination. This time, it's George Washington

A working group in Washington, D.C., has recommended renaming, removing or recontextualizing monuments, including the giant obelisk dedicated to the U.S. capital's namesake. President Donald Trump is already using it as a campaign issue.

Trump attempts a marketing makeover: Joe Biden as radical Marxist enabler

Donald Trump is in a difficult spot with swing voters and trying to shift the race by rebranding his campaign rival. Will Americans really buy the idea of Joe Biden as a radical Marxist enabler? It's a novel sales pitch, based on an old political tactic. Canadians may recognize it from their own elections.

Why Trump is betting his political life against Black Lives Matter protests

Donald Trump's convention message makes clear he sees fear of unrest as his ticket to a second term. It's an unusual sales pitch for an incumbent. Yet polls suggest Americans are, indeed, growing concerned about crime — with murders surging, and fiery protests. And he's trying to reap the political benefit.

Biden reveals his general election weapon: Basic human kindness

Joe Biden, in the biggest speech of his long political life, accepted the Democratic nomination Thursday night and made clear his unequivocal and remarkably simple general-election message: He's a kinder human being than U.S. President Donald Trump.

How do key Black swing-state voters view Kamala Harris? It's complicated

How do Black voters in key swing states view Kamala Harris, who is aiming to be the first Black, female vice-president? It's complicated. We spoke to residents of North Milwaukee, a predominantly African American area that could decide the election, to find out.

Canada to adopt new approach in managing U.S. relationship: sources 

The Prime Minister’s Office is adopting a new approach to managing Canada's relationship with the U.S. in the wake of Chrystia Freeland's appointment to the position of finance minister, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation. 

A surreal American convention offers window into grim historical moment

Turning points in history have a habit of revealing themselves at an American presidential convention. This one, too. During the first all-online Democratic convention, Milwaukee's barren streets reflect a country at a crossroads.

What exactly does a U.S. vice-president do? It would have shocked the country's founders

Someone once refused the VP job, often derided as soul-crushing and devoid of purpose. But the role has changed and grown, much like the presidency itself. Kamala Harris was offered the job by Joe Biden after a lengthy vetting process and months of frenzied media speculation.

What the Kamala Harris pick means for Biden's campaign

Kamala Harris broke several barriers in being announced as Joe Biden’s running mate. One analyst predicted sky-high turnout from Black voters this fall now that one of the Democratic Party's most loyal constituencies — African American women — see themselves reflected on the ticket.