Afghan plane wreckage found

Helicopters find wreckage of an Afghan plane that crashed east of Kabul; all 104 people on board reported killed.

NATO helicopters have spotted the wreckage of an Afghan airliner that disappeared in the mountains east of Kabul. All 104 people on board appeared to have been killed, officials say.

The Kam Air Boeing 737-200 vanished from radar screens on Thursday while flying from the western city of Herat to the Afghan capital.

The aircraft had been turned away from Kabul's airport because of a severe blizzard. The pilot had contacted an airport in neighboring Pakistan for permission to land and was not heard from again.

Rugged terrain in Sorobi District and freezing fog and heavy snow slowed the search.

Airline officials say at least 21 foreigners were among the 96 passengers, including nine Turks and six Americans. Six Russian crew members and two Afghan staff were also on board.

On Friday, Canada's foreign affairs department said it's investigating whether any Canadians were on the flight. Unconfirmed reports said one of the pilots carried a Canadian passport.

Officials say NATO ground teams and about 200 Afghan national army troops were heading to the crash site, preparing for the job of picking through the wreckage.

The team includes a convoy of German armoured vehicles from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the NATO-led peacekeeping force operating in Afghanistan.

ISAF says the wreckage is at an altitude of 3,000 metres (9,840 feet).