6 ways to fix 'maxed out' Everest

National Geographic contributor and Everest climber Mark Jenkins proposes six ways to solve the problems with Mount Everest.

Avid climber talks to CBC Radio about avalanche that killed 16 Sherpas along south ridge route

National Geographic contributor and Mount Everest climber Mark Jenkins says Mount Everest is "maxed out" with overcrowded routes and mounds of trash, and he has proposed six ways to improve conditions.

There is renewed focus on Everest since 16 mountaineers, all of them Sherpas, died in an avalanche on the mountain a week ago.

The victims were making the season's first trek above Base Camp when tragedy struck. They were hauling tents, stoves and oxygen  tanks up the mountain when the massive avalanche swept off the west shoulder. Witnesses say the ice blocks were big as houses.

Jenkins climbed Everest in 2012 and worked with one of the Sherpas. The writer spoke to CBC Radio's Day 6 about what needs to be done to fix the mountain.