5 cruises that ended in disaster

Rescuers are currently looking for more survivors in the crash of cruise liner Costa Concordia, which struck a reef and capsized near the Italian island of Giglio on Jan. 13, killing at least six people. Here's a look at some other maritime disasters.

Rescuers are back at work after temporarily suspending search efforts on the capsized cruise liner Costa Concordia, which struck a reef and capsized near the Italian island of Giglio on Jan. 13, killing at least six people.

Here’s a look at some other recent cruise ship mishaps.

MTS Oceanos, South Africa, 1991

This ocean liner started taking on water off the coast of South Africa on Aug. 4, 1991. The ship is reported to have been in a state of neglect, with loose bulkheads and a 10-centimetre hole in a "water tight" bulkhead. All 571 people on board survived, though no thanks to the ship’s captain. Survivors reported that he and most of the crew abandoned ship before passengers had been evacuated, leaving the ship’s entertainers to coordinate rescue efforts.

The Explorer, Antarctic Circle, 2007

This Finnish-built vessel, designed specifically to sail the dangerous waters in the Antarctic and Arctic regions, struck ice on Nov. 23, 2007. A fist-sized hole in the side of the ship caused water to rush into the engine room, crippling the vessel. All 154 passengers and crew, who were on a tour tracing the route of famous explorer Ernest Shackleton, made it safely to lifeboats.

Royal Pacific, Strait of Malacca, 1992

On Aug. 23, 1992, the Royal Pacific collided with a Taiwanese fishing boat, tearing a hole in the side of the cruise ship. It subsequently sank, killing 30 and injuring an additional 70 of the 530 passengers. Survivors said the ship’s crew did little to help the passengers as the ship was sinking, leaving them to get to lifeboats and put on lifejackets themselves.

Norwegian Dawn, 2005-2011

This Norwegian Cruise Lines ship has been affected by a string of incidents. In 2005, the ship was hit by three rogue waves shortly after leaving port at Charleston, S.C. The waves caused minor damage, breaking windows, flooding several decks and causing four injuries.

In 2008, a 46-year-old female passenger fell overboard into the Atlantic Ocean. The ship lost all power during a cruise in 2009, leaving over 2,000 passengers with no running water, air conditioning, electricity or toilets in 30-degree weather. The U.S. Coast Guard was dispatched, and some power was eventually restored, allowing the ship to return to port. In October of 2011, the ship docked in Boston after two people died on board. Authorities said the two deaths – of a 23-year-old man and 67-year-old woman – were unrelated.

Star Princess, Jamaica, 2006

On March 23, 2006, the cruise ship Star Princess reported a fire on board while en route to Jamaica. Authorities eventually ruled that the blaze – which damaged over 300 state rooms on the ship – was caused by a discarded cigarette on a balcony. One man on board died, and another 13 were treated for smoke inhalation.