4 Afghans beheaded for spying, Taliban says

The bodies of four Afghan men were found beheaded in southern Afghanistan on Friday and a Taliban spokesman said they'd been executed for being informers.

FourAfghan men found beheaded in southern Afghanistan on Friday were executed for being informers,a Taliban spokesman said.

The men — who were reportedly civilians not linked to either the Afghan government or to coalition forces — were found in the southern province of Zabul.

A Taliban spokesman named Qari Yousof Ahmadi contacted the Associated Press in Afghanistan to say the men had been killed because they were spies.

A provincial government in Zabul said the men were last seen alive when they were abducted at gunpoint.

Karzai comments spark reply

Also in Afghanistan on Friday, Canadian military officials responded to remarks from Afghan President Hamid Karzai urging coalition forces to rethink their approach in the region.

Karzai said Thursday that killing hundreds of Afghans was not acceptable, even if those being killed are Taliban members.

On Friday a Canadian Forces spokeswoman told the Canadian Press that half of Canada's efforts were focused on humanitarian efforts and reconstruction.

"Killing or capturing those who continue to threaten the security of Afghan people is just one aspect of our efforts here," said Maj. Nancy Hansen.