3 more Grenada officers charged in Toronto man's death

Three more Grenada police officers have now been charged in the death of a Toronto man.

Oscar Bartholomew, 39, died in hospital Tuesday

A second autopsy began Saturday for Oscar Bartholomew, seen in this undated photo. Bartholomew died Tuesday in Grenada. (Courtesy Bartholomew family)

Another three Grenada police officers have now been charged in connection with the beating death of a Toronto man.

The latest manslaughter charges on Sunday raise the total number of Royal Grenada police officers linked to the death of Oscar Bartholomew to five.

Bartholomew, 39, and a Toronto resident for the past 10 years, was visiting his family in Grenada for the holidays. He was born in the Caribbean island nation.

Bartholomew's family has accused members of the Grenada police force of beating him into a coma last week, after he allegedly mistook a plainclothes female police officer at a police station for an old friend and lifted her off the ground in a bear hug.

Relatives said the Toronto man had stopped in at the police station in the town of St. David's so that his wife could use the restroom.

Two separate autopsies concluded that he died Tuesday as a result of brain trauma.

Officers Edward Gibson, Shaun Ganness and Ruddy Felix were charged with manslaughter on Sunday.

The day before, Kenton Hazzard and Wendell Sylvester, both with the St. David's Police Station, were charged with manslaughter.

They, along with three other officers, were detained Thursday for questioning.

All five are due to appear in court on Jan. 3 in the capital St. George's.