Turning Point: Libya

Our panel debates the goals and risks of military intervention in Libya, hosted by Peter Mansbridge.

As international forces take aim at military targets in Libya and Canada's military prepares to join them, The National sets its focus on the goals and risks of this mission.  What is the end game?  Is it achievable?  Who is Canada supporting as a viable alternative to Gadhafi?  What is the Canadian national interest in fighting a war in Libya?  And is this a humanitarian mission or an intervention in a civil war?

Janice Stein, Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs, Bessma Momani, Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance and Innovation in Waterloo, Ontario, Roland Paris, international security expert at The University of Ottawa and Ashraf Hegazy, Executive Director of Harvard’s Dubai Initiative join Peter Mansbridge for an in-depth discussion.