Independent B.C. candidate rides a goose in wild campaign video

B.C. independent candidate Wyatt Scott has released what might be the most entertaining campaign video in Canadian history.

B.C. independent candidate Wyatt Scott creates a campaign video for the internet age

Wyatt Scott of Mission, B.C is running for Parliament — and riding geese, shooting lasers from his eyes, and fist-bumping aliens on YouTube to show he's got what it takes. ( WyattScott_MMFC/YouTube)

If the list of qualities you look for in a federal MP includes "tough on killer robots," "can grow a beard instantly," and "has experience riding Canada geese," then Wyatt Scott of Mission, B.C. may be the candidate for you.

This ad was produced by independent candidate Wyatt Scott. It is embedded here for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement by CBC News.

A freshly-released campaign video from the 38-year-old small business owner explains that Scott is running for Parliament in the new riding of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon.

"I'm an independent candidate," he says in the video while hurtling through the air with his sword drawn after jumping from the back of a giant Canada goose. "And I'm here to fight for Canada!"

He then falls directly onto a dragon, stabbing it through the head.

The zaniness only ramps up from there with the appearance of friendly aliens, giant robots and multiple people falling from the sky over the course of just 63 seconds.

Between shooting lasers from his eyes and growing an instant beard, Scott does pause a few times to talk about his platform.

"University is too damn expensive," he says at one point. "Services like health care and social programs should be expanded, not cut ... The indigenous people aren't even protected by their own government."

While the video itself is more reminiscent of an Old Spice commercial than a traditional campaign ad, it appears to have struck a chord with many Canadians on Twitter.

Will the people of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon actually vote for Scott based on his dragon-slaying antics?

That remains to be seen. As he says in the video's description: "We all know politics are corrupt so lets do something about it. Put an independent in the house."

Scott told the National Post that he was at least partly motivated to run as an independent by an experience with the Liberal Party of Canada. Scott told the paper that he helped his friend Rhett Nicholson campaign for the Liberal nomination in Mission–Matsqui–Fraser Canyon and felt the result, a win for local businessman Jati Sidhu, was unfair.

Scott told The Province that he previously worked for the B.C. NDP.


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