U.K. election map looks like Maggie Simpson, says the internet

Simpsons fans see a vision of Maggie in the new U.K. political map following Britain's 2015 general election.

Voters change the political character of Britain. But a cartoon character?

A new Maggie puts her stamp on Britain. (Twitter/alexmclaughlin)

The results of 2015's general election in the U.K. inspired many strongly worded and emotional posts on Twitter Thursday evening.

Hundreds of thousands went online to express their thoughts as the winners were announced, many of them upset to see the Conservative Party sweep into power after winning an unexpected majority, and over the resignations of Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg and Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband.

Others were happy with the outcome of the election, particularly those belonging to the Scottish Nationalist Party, which leapfrogged to 56 seats from six.

And yet, regardless of where they stood politically, voters across the board seemed to agree on the fact that screen captures from the Simpsons made for great election reaction tweets.

Whether this factored into the way people started viewing the U.K.'s new political map or not, there's a contingent of people online who feel it looks exactly like Maggie Simpson.

Twitter user Alex McLaughlin was the first to notice the resemblance after viewing the Telegraph's voting results prediction map on Thursday morning.

"That predicted UK map post-election, or #thesimpsons?" he asked his followers, juxtaposing a screen shot of the map next to an image of Homer and Marge's baby daughter.

While awaiting the actual results, several others on Twitter uploaded the image McLaughlin had created and remarked how much the new political map, coloured-coded by party, looked like Maggie.

The resemblance they saw was due to the map's largely yellow top (yellow being the colour of the Scottish National Party) and its light blue base, which represents the Conservative Party.

The smattering of yellow and red (Labour Party)spots throughout the blue portion of the map are being likened to the character's hands and notoriously noisy soother.

As the meme's presence grew on Friday, so too did the number of jokes about it on U.K. election-related hashtags.

While the final post-election map does look slightly different from Maggie's apparent doppelganger, it's hard to deny how Simpsonesque it still appears — though, as Mashable notes, it may be a little more "early Bart Simpson" now.

Do you see Maggie in the new U.K. political map? Share your thoughts below.


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