Justin Trudeau's ballpark visit had some Jays fans fearing the worst

Justin Trudeau went to Friday's Blue Jays game, drawing the ire of some fans who believe visits from federal leaders are bad luck.

Trudeau wasn't taking fears of a curse as seriously as the fans

Justin Trudeau and son Hadrien at the Jays' batting practice. (Patrick Morrell/CBC)

UPDATE: The Blue Jays lost 10-2 to the Baltimore Orioles in Friday's game.

And the legend of the leadership curse lives on. 

Original story is below:

Midway through the federal election campaign and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is up against a hostile crowd — legions of superstitious Toronto Blue Jays fans.

If you live in Canada, you probably know the Blue Jays are having a monster summer and that Jays fever is spreading across the country.

But there's another streak that's got Blue Jays fans concerned — the team losing whenever federal leaders pay a visit. The Jays lost when Conservative leader Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair attended separate games, leading many to draw the conclusion that federal leaders are bad luck for the team.

It's Trudeau's turn at bat (sorry) Friday night as the Jays face the Baltimore Orioles in Toronto. The Liberal leader and his family will be watching from the stands.

If the Jays win, it could be a boost for Trudeau. If the Jays lose, it would be a third strike for the federal leaders.

At a news conference today, Trudeau brushed the notion of a curse aside, saying he's just looking forward to spending some quality time with his kids.

"I'm really focused on the fact that I get to bring my kids to their first major league game," Trudeau told reporters. "I'm looking forward to a great game tonight, but I'm mostly looking forward to sharing it with my kids."

Justin Trudeau is asked about Blue Jays curse

6 years ago
Trudeau to attend tonight's game and when Mulcair and Harper have gone the Jays lost. 1:25

He also reminisced about attending games with his father, Pierre Trudeau, whose own father, Charles Trudeau,  was a shareholder and member of the board of directors for the defunct Montreal Royals franchise.

But Trudeau's confidence that there isn't a curse isn't shared by everyone online. 

The evening got off to bad start for Trudeau, when a press release about attending a pre-game batting practice included a confusing photo with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

Some Jays fans also took to Twitter, imploring Trudeau to keep away from the Rogers Centre.

Some were more enthusiastic about Trudeau's visit.

Very enthusiastic.

Some even said they'd vote Liberal if the Jays won.

And there were some Americans that didn't get what the fuss was about.

The game starts at 7:07 p.m. EST.

And if you're keeping score...


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