Super-strong cyclist lifts car out of bike lane with his bare hands

Bystanders film a frustrated Brazillian cyclist taking matters into his own hands when he encounters a car blocking his path.

Bystanders film a frustrated Brazillian cyclist taking matters into his own hands when a car blocks his path

More than 1.5 million people had viewed a YouTube clip of a frustrated cyclist removing a car from a bike path as of Tuesday afternoon, just one day after it was uploaded. (YouTube/Joe Loreto)

An unidentified cyclist in Brazil is being hailed as a hero online by people who know what it feels like to swerve around a vehicle parked illegally in a bike lane. 

A video uploaded to YouTube on Monday opens with the man in question squatting behind a small car blocking the dedicated lane he appears to have been using.

As bystanders capture footage of the scene with their phones, the muscular cyclist manages to lift the back of the car off the ground and manoeuvre it out of his way.

He then nonchalantly gets back onto his bike and pedals away as dozens of people whistle and cheer for him.

More than 1.5 million people had viewed the 30-second-long clip on YouTube as of Tuesday afternoon, just one day after it was uploaded by Joe Loreto, a blogger from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

While Loreto provided no details about the incident in the caption of his video, titled simply "O homem mais forte do mundo" (The strongest man in the world,) others online are trying to fill in the blanks based on their own knowledge about cars, weighlifting and Brazil.

"That's a '90s Fiat Uno IIRC," wrote one Redditor in a thread about the video. "I could lift one rear corner of that car at 14-15 years old. Dude is huge, but that is a light car."

The model of the car, which has a weight of approximately 740 kg without occupants according to, was universally agreed upon in the thread.

Some, however, suggested that even if the rear of the vehicle was relatively light, "deadlifting" a few hundred pounds at the drop of a hat is no small feat.

"The average person who's never lifted before won't be able to pull 200lbs," wrote a user, linking to a fitness standards chart. Another wrote that it took four of his friends to lift a similarly-tiny Ford Fiesta to prank a buddy.

So who is this mysterious hero? A weightlifter who'd been itching to lift a car? A paid actor in a viral marketing campaign? The actual Hulk?

All that we can definitively tell you at this point is that the video has proven to be cathartic for cyclists on Twitter.

It is not clear where the video was recorded, though many in the comments on YouTube suggest the exploit took place in the city of Sao Paulo.


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