Neighbours call police after mistaking Airbnb renters for robbers

Police showed up at an Airbnb rented by a musician and his friends near Atlanta, Ga., after neighbours allegedly suspected the guests were robbing the home.

'People thought we were robbing the house,' musician says after police show up

STEFisDOPE posted this selfie to his Twitter account after two police officers responded to a call at the Airbnb he was renting when neighbours allegedly mistook him and the other guests for robbers. (Trill DeGrasse Tyson/Twitter)

Police showed up at an Airbnb rented by a musician and his friends near Atlanta, Ga., on Friday, October 9 after neighbours allegedly suspected the guests were robbing the home.

The artist, known as STEFisDOPE, live-tweeted the interaction.

STEFisDOPE was staying in Decatur, Ga., for a performance on Friday. He was renting the Airbnb along with Xali, Willie Howard and two other men.

When they arrived, he shared photos of his fancy accommodations on Twitter and Instagram.

He shared two short videos showing some of the home's features, including an animal fur throw on the bed.

But, it wasn't long after they arrived that two DeKalb County Police Department officials came to the home.

"People thought we were robbing the house," STEFisDOPE said in a video, showing him in the backyard with the two police officers, who he said were "pretty cool."

The "cops rolled up guns out," tweeted Xali, who was also at the house at the time.

After the police officers left, a "random neighbour just opens the door on us," STEFisDOPE tweeted with a video showing part of the interaction.

"I thought it was over," he says as his friends can be heard telling the person at the door that they shouldn't open the door without being let in.

"If you're suppose to be here, it's okay," the apparent neighbour can be heard saying in the video.

The interaction with the neighbours invaded the comfort and privacy that the men paid for, Xali tweeted.

STEFisDOPE didn't have any complaints about how the police treated the men. They were "just doing their job," he tweeted.

Xali said the officers were "less aggressive" than the person who opened the door to the rental home.

While these types of situations get under his skin, Xali said he's "used to it."

STEFisDOPE agreed with this sentiment in an interview with Slate.

"We're black kids in this Leave it to Beaver neighbourhood, you know?"


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