Ontario storm captured in wild weather photos

A massive storm rolled through southern Ontario Sunday, knocking out power and leaving a trail of debris in its path. It also gave storm watchers an opportunity to snap some incredible photos.

Blazing hot temperatures give way to wall of thunderclouds in southern Ontario

A massive storm system rolled across parts of southern Ontario on Sunday, bringing tornado warnings, rain, hail and scenes Twitter users compared to the apocalyptic landscapes of War of the Worlds. 

​Police said there were unconfirmed reports of funnel clouds swirling in at least one rural area about an hour northwest of Toronto, and that multiple people were injured when high winds caused a party tent to collapse. Tens of thousands were left without power and flights were delayed at Toronto's Pearson airport. 

The storm hit an area of the province that's was in the grip of a heat wave that took hold last week, ushering in temperatures consistently over 30 C and days that felt as though it was approaching 40 C. 

Hundreds of people took to Twitter to post photos and videos of the ominous wall of thunderclouds under the hashtag #onstorm. 

Many people noted that the path of the storm was telegraphed by huge shelf clouds.

When the system reached Toronto, storm watchers snapped some wild pictures of the clouds above the cityscape. 

YouTube user Ed Hanley posted an incredible timelapse video of the storm rolling over Toronto:

There was also reports of "golf ball sized" hail, wild winds and heavy downpours.

The storm left a trail of downed trees and debris. A Volkswagon sedan was crushed in Toronto and at least one poor soul was left without pizza. 

All of the storm tweeting eventually prompted police to issue a cheeky reminder…


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