NFL quarterback asks the Internet to help him find his luggage... again

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton lost his luggage and had to turn to the internet for help. Again. For the second time this week.

It's not even the only time he's lost his luggage over the past last seven days

Andy Dalton and his wife celebrate the return of their luggage after losing it, only to later lose them again. (Andy Dalton/Twitter)

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton lost his luggage and had to turn to the Internet for help. Again. For the second time in just one week. 

The National Football League player has maintained a poor record for losing things as of late, whether they're NFL playoff games, or several bags of luggage – the latter of which he managed to do twice over the past seven days.

As for the former, Dalton lost all four playoff games in which he started.

Back on Feb. 10, two of Dalton's Nike suitcases fell out of the bed of his truck while driving through the Dallas-Fort Worth area to the airport. He had failed to secure the bags to the car. 

Thus began the first phase of #BagSearch2016, as Dalton searched high and low for his missing bags

Some quickly began establishing a search perimeter

A few offered possible suggestions of where his bag might be

A couple people thought they might have it

But it was found by a mysterious Twitter egg named Robert

Robert traded contact information with Dalton, and the saga seemed over

That easy sleep ended Monday around 7 p.m. ET after Dalton realized his bags had gone missing once more

This time, he pinned it on American Airlines, which did make an effort to get back to him

Meanwhile, the search was back on 

Although given these bags were likely lost in an airport and not in the middle of a high way, the detective work became a lot more speculative.

Eventually Dalton received word that his bags were on the way once more 

Is this the end of #BagSearch2016?


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