Massive alligator relaxes on Florida golf course

A massive alligator was spotted roaming a Florida golf course last week, going for a stroll and sunning itself just a short putt away from the pin.

Gator wanders out of water and settles in just a short putt away from 7th hole

When Golfers at the Myakka Pines Golf Club had to share the fairway with a giant gator, a photo of it went viral 0:45

A massive alligator was spotted roaming a Florida golf course last week, going for a stroll and sunning itself just a short putt away from the pin. 

A post on the Florida golf club's Facebook page called this a 'nice size gator.' No kidding. (Myakka Pines Golf Club/Facebook)

The photos were taken by two members of the Myakka Pines Golf Course in Englewood, Fla. and posted to the club's Facebook page last Friday. 

The alligator was "trudging across White #7 green," according to the Facebook post. (Myakka Pines Golf Club/Facebook)

But by Thursday morning, the pictures were generating thousands of views: "Our alligator pictures taken by Dick Huber and Bill Susie have gone viral," the club wrote in a Facebook update.

"So far we've gotten 528,286 views of the picture and gained 140 new 'likes' on our Facebook page," a post read. 

The gator decided to sun itself near the pin on the golf course's seventh green. As you do. (Myakka Pines Golf Club/Facebook)

According to WPTV West Palm Beach, the golf club said the alligator was spotted on the seventh green moving from one pond to another.

The Myakka Pines Golf Course said the alligator was walking from one nearby pond to another. Like this sort of thing happens all the time. Book my ticket! (Myakka Pines Golf Club/Facebook)


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