Lego is going to make Canadian's wildly viral labyrinth game

A Lego master builder from Ottawa will see soon his tilting table-top maze game in stores around the world, the makers of the familiar interlocking bricks announced Thursday.
Jason Allemann's Lego labyrinth game features interchangeable mazes, such as this one featuring a medieval village and a dragon. (Jason Allemann/Lego Ideas)

A Lego master builder from Ottawa will soon see his tilting table-top maze game in stores around the world, the toymaker announced Thursday. 

Jason Allemann of Ottawa submitted the project to the Lego Ideas website more than three years ago and the accompanying YouTube video has been watched more than two million times. 

The project reached 10,000 votes last September, making it a candidate to be considered for an official Lego set. 

The Lego Ideas program has previously brought fan-designed sets to store shelves featuring the Ghostbusters and their car, the Back to the Future time machine and a research institute featuring three female scientists. 

Allemann's labyrinth marble maze will be the thirteenth Lego Ideas set, but he's got a lot more ideas up his sleeve. 

His Da Vinci-inspired flying machine can be hooked up to a motor to make the wings flap. 

His latest project is a working scanner and printer in which a Lego electronic eye scans a photo and a robotic mechanism builds a mosaic of the picture out of tiny tiles. 

There are still a few bugs to work out on that project, though. 


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