Kit Kats with no wafer prompt woman to demand lifetime supply

Saima Ahmed, 20, has penned a letter to Nestle demanding not only a refund on the waferless bars, but also a lifetime supply of the sweet treats.

British law student threatens lawsuit

A British law student has threatened legal action against Nestle after discovering that eight Kit Kat bars she'd purchased were waferless. (CBC)

Imagine biting into a Kit Kat. The sweet, chocolatey coating hits your tastebuds immediately, but as you bite down further, you realize there's a problem – the chocolate bar has no wafer.

For many, this would be a minor irritation. But when one British law student found that none of the Kit Kats in the eight-pack she bought contained wafer, she wrote that "the loss I have suffered is of monetary and emotional significance."

Saima Ahmed, 20, penned a letter to Nestle which was published in the U.K.'s Metro newspaper, demanding not only a refund on the waferless bars, but also a lifetime supply of the sweet treats. She's threatening to sue the company if they don't give her what she's asking for.

"I'd like the CEO of Nestle to respond to my letter because it's an extremely important issue," Ahmed told Metro.

In her letter, Ahmed wrote that a life-long supply of Kit Kat would allow her to "act as a means of quality control – it appears you need me more than I need you."

Ahmed feels the wafer is essential to the Kit Kat experience.

"No one else in that industry has that unique concept about mixing the wafer with the chocolate and that's why I'm a fan," she told Metro.

Ahmed's story prompted several people on Twitter to weigh in on an extremely important issue: Is the chocolate or the wafer the best part of a Kit Kat?

Strong arguments were presented on both sides

It appears Ahmed's not the only one who's had wafer issues this year

"[A] Kit Kat finger without wafer does leave our factory from time to time but is extremely rare and we have checks in place to try to prevent it happening as far as possible," a spokesperson for Nestle UK told NBC News.

In 2012, 650 Kit Kat bars were consumed around the world per second. Nestle says. What we don't know is how many of those were waferless.


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