J.K. Rowling eggs on Twitter rivalry between Scottish libraries

Two libraries in Scotland's Northern Isles have an intense — but friendly — Twitter rivalry going and author J.K. Rowling just keeps stirring the pot.

Two libraries in Scotland's Northern Isles have an intense — but friendly — Twitter rivalry going and author J.K. Rowling just keeps stirring the pot. 

In the latest development, the Orkney Library's Twitter account was verified Tuesday morning, bestowing it with the coveted blue checkmark, or "tick."

The librarians couldn't resist rubbing their new status in the faces of their counterparts on the Shetland Islands. 

How rude! 

The Shetlanders wouldn't let that insult stand and compared the Orcadians' blue check to a sale tag on a clothing chain's discount rack. 

But the Orkney Library has a powerful friend in Harry Potter author Rowling, who congratulated the library on joining the elite caste of verified Twitter users. 

Rowling has clearly chosen her side in the war between the Scottish island library systems, but the Twitter chirping started long before she got involved. 

For instance, the Shetlanders boasted last month that their library appeared as a location on the BBC crime drama Shetland

That same day, Orkney Library tweeted that The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (Rowling's pseudonym) would be the topic of their Saturday book discussion. 

That's when Rowling first entered the fray 

The Orcadians, of course, invited Rowling to hop on the last boat from the Scottish mainland and join them

Rowling suggested she may just magic herself to the island

The Orkney Library then sweetened the pot. With cake 

But Rowling wasn't about to drop everything and catch a ferry for just any cake 

And so, the librarians provided the cake — store-bought, alas — and waited. Just in case

And the wildest dreams of the book lovers of Orkney came true

Rowling attended book club night and posed for pictures, including this one with a copy of Organic Gardening with Love by Coronation Street actress Thelma Barlow. 

(Why does Rowling call it "The Book"? Beats me. Must be a Northerner thing.)

The Orkney Library's rivals on the Shetland Islands handled the news with the decorum one would expect from respected booklenders. 

And the Orcadians responded in kind


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