Video journalist fired after apparently kicking, tripping refugees in Hungary

A Hungarian video journalist was fired after videos were posted to Twitter that appeared to show her kicking and tripping refugees as they ran from the police.

Videos spark outrage online

Hungarian camerawoman gets probation for kicking refugees

8 years ago
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A Hungarian camerawoman has reportedly been fired after videos surfaced online that appear to show her kicking and tripping refugees as they run from Hungarian police.

On Tuesday, hundreds of refugees broke away from a police registration point near Hungary's border with Serbia, reported the Associated Press.

A video posted on Twitter by German reporter Stephan Richter, shows a number of journalists filming as officers pursued the refugees.

Near the end of the video, a camerawoman appears to trip a man as he flees while carrying a young child, causing both to fall to the ground.

In another video, the same reporter is shown kicking two refugees, including one who appears to be a young girl.

The videos sparked outrage online. 

According to multiple media outlets the camerawoman is Petra Laszlo of Hungary's N1TV.

On Tuesday, N1TV released this statement on Facebook, saying the woman in the videos had been fired.

Hungary lies along a popular migrant route between Turkey and Germany, the planned destination for many refugees fleeing the war in Syria. 

Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban has adopted a hardline stance against the tide of Syrian refugees passing through his country, recently announcing renewed efforts to complete a fence to keep them out.