Poster for missing helmet sparks international Twitter movement

A poster for a missing helmet elicits massive, unexpected response.
At first there were just a few posters, poking fun at the original. But soon the quest for the missing helmet had gone international. (Facebook/Benshortstuff)

A student at the engineering school at Mexico's Veracruzana University posted a flyer looking for his stolen helmet earlier this month and got way more than he asked for.

The flyer was posted on a pole at the school's campus in Xalapa, Mexico, reports Buzzfeed.

It says: "On the search for a dark black 'FOX' brand bicycle helmet. It was forgotten at the tables in front of the administration. You will be rewarded."

After the flyer went up, a few pranksters decided to paste flyers of their own, advertising a black Fox brand helmet for sale.

The posters kept coming …

More and more.

Soon candles appeared, along with messages of mourning and loss for the helmet.

It began trending online.

It wasn't long before the message had gone international, with messages of support being tweeted from across the Spanish-speaking world, from Argentina to Bolivia and across the Atlantic to Spain. 

People are demanding the return of the helmet. 

"...the Government should do something." 

And standing in solidarity with the student who lost it.

"Brothers of engineering, medicine shares the grief. "

It looks like everyone is having a lot of fun, regardless.

There's still no word on whether the helmet has been found.

Until it has been, the saga of the lost helmet continues.



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