Golden Girls Lego set may soon become a reality

A fan's proposal for a Lego set depicting the cast and set of The Golden Girls has reached a key milestone in fan voting and could soon be available to buy, Lego says.
A proposal for a Lego set depicting the character and set of the '80s sitcom Golden Girls will be considered for availability as a retail product. (Lego)

You might not think that the world's most popular toy brand and an '80s sitcom about a group of single retired women living in a Miami bungalow would have a lot of overlap in their fan bases. But you would be wrong, my friend. 

Yes, a proposal for a Lego set depicting the cast and set of The Golden Girls has reached a key milestone in fan voting and could soon be available to buy, just like the Ghostbusters set and the Back to the Future cars before it. 

The potential set includes Golden Girls characters Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and even Stanley. (Lego)

The set proposal includes Lego mini-figures of Blanche (played by Rue McClanahan), Rose (Betty White), Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Sophia (Estelle Getty) and even Dorothy's ex-husband Stanley (Herbert Edelman). 

The building set includes the foyer, wicker-laden living room and the kitchen built with meticulous attention to detail and fidelity to the show's set. 

The proposed Golden Girls Lego set recreates the set in loving detail, including all that wicker. (Lego)

The kitchen comes complete with appliances in appropriately '80s colours and groceries, including the girls' favourite snack for their commiseration sessions: cheesecake. 

The creator of the set, who goes by lostsleep on, even recreated some of the show's finer moments, including a visit from Burt Reynolds, and a post-surgery dream sequence in which the women's heads appear on platters on the kitchen table. 

The Golden Girls project has reached the 10,000 supporters required for a review by Lego's designers and product managers. 

An official Lego comment on the project called it "hotter than Betty White's career resurgence." 

"Golden Girls is a beloved American sitcom and your project shows how passionate its fans remain almost 23 years after its last episode! With references to so many classic episodes, it's clear why there was such a rally for support," the comment on the set says. 

The set will be part of the Lego Ideas review process beginning in May. 

This isn't the first Golden Girls set to be submitted to the Lego Ideas website for review. Two previous projects didn't reach the required 10,000 supporters. 

And a set of the four Golden Girls mini-figures was selling on Etsy as far back as October 2013, shortly after Lego released a Grandma mini-figure, parts from which are used for Sophia's head, Dorothy's hair and Rose's sweater. 


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