Gatineau man's Reddit post showing 'lazy' Canada Post delivery goes viral

An Ottawa-area man's photo of a "lazy" Canada Post package delivery has gone viral after he posted it to Reddit on Wednesday.

Delivery was 'not acceptable and not our process,' says Canada Post

'Over the past six months, Canada Post has lost three packages for me, all of which it claims to have delivered. I think I discovered the reason why today,' wrote Robert Bruff in a post on Reddit. (Robert Bruff/Reddit)

An Ottawa-area man's photo of a "lazy" Canada Post package delivery has gone viral after he posted it to Reddit on Wednesday. 

"Over the past six months, Canada Post has lost three packages for me, all of which it claims to have delivered," wrote Robert Bruff in his post to the news-sharing website. "I think I discovered the reason why today." 

The photo shows a package addressed to Bruff's neighbour placed on the ground, leaning up against a Canada Post community mailbox in Gatineau, Que. 

The post to the Canada section of Reddit has more than 5,000 Up votes, enough to make it to the "front page of the internet," as the site bills itself. 

In the comments, others on Reddit and on Imgur, the web service where the photo was hosted, called the courier "lazy," and urged Bruff to complain. 

In replies, Bruff wrote that he'd done just that. 

"In the past, I did complain, but the real problem has been in dealing with the Canada Post bureaucracy," he said.

"I called to speak to someone about it, and the response from the person at the call centre was that I had to contact the companies that had shipped the packages and ask them to contact Canada Post to request an investigation into the incidents be opened," he said. 

Delivery 'not acceptable'

Bruff had also asked Canada Post why the courier hadn't put the package in the parcel slot. "I was told that the key that customers use to get into those parcel boxes had been lost," he wrote on Reddit

Canada Post told CBC News that the photo showed a delivery that was "not acceptable and not our process." A spokesperson apologized and said they would be investigating the situation further.  

In an email to CBC News, Bruff said he'd filed a complaint with the Canada Post ombudsman.

Since losing delivered parcels, Bruff has instead directed parcels to his office. "I'm doubting whether I can trust them with even my letters," he said.

In other comments, Bruff said the companies he'd ordered the parcels from had compensated him for two of the three packages, which were sent from within Canada, and that he'd "written off" the other, sent from the U.S. 

Canada Post announced in 2013 that it would be phasing out door-to-door delivery to urban residents and installing community mailboxes. 


  • In an previous version of the story said the package seen in the photo belonged to Robert Bruff. The package was addressed to a neighbour, not Bruff.
    Jul 09, 2015 4:13 PM ET