Family of bears play in backyard pool, make little girl cry

It's been a hot week for bears, leading one bear family to borrow this New Jersey backyard pool, including five cubs and their momma.

The bears just wanted to cool off, slip down a waterslide and wrestle in the pool

A family of bears, including five cubs and their mother, borrowed a New Jersey family's backyard pool to cool off from the hot weather.

Given temperatures of over 25 C in the state and high humidity last week, it's no surprise the bears wanted to take a swim, slip down a waterslide and maybe take an impromptu bath. They picked the scenic Rockaway Township for their vacation, although their spot of choice was Tim Basso's backyard. 

Basso posted videos of the bears on Youtube, which appear to be taken from the safety of his home. A man, a woman and a young girl can be heard speaking in the background. 

At one point a bear picks up the young girl's inflatable toy in its mouth. The girl yells, "No! My floatie!" as the bears toss most of the toys out of the pool.  

They proceed to pop several inflatable objects in the yard, in between playing with swing set. The girl worries aloud that they're going to eat her toy "bubble guppie car." 

At one point, the girl screams as the mother bear drags a pool pump into the water along with its electrical wiring. The bears appear not to have been injured.

Eventually, the bears climb back over the fence and disappear, leaving behind the wreckage of a sweet pool party and a brown haze in the pool.


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