Missed 'opertunity'? Glaring typos on Edmonton city sign go viral

A city sign in Edmonton riddled with painfully glaring typos is being fixed after capturing the attention of the internet on Friday.

Spelling errors, a broken website link and a missing area code mar real-estate notice

A city sign in Edmonton has gone viral after a photo of its glaring typos started circulating online. (Teej/Twitter)

A city sign in Edmonton riddled with painfully glaring typos is being fixed after capturing the attention of the internet on Friday.

A Twitter user first pointed out some of the mess-ups in a photo tweeted to Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, and others on Twitter piled on, noticing other errors.

The sign, meant to¬†advertise municipal land for sale, grammatically mistook the land¬†as a¬†"Multi Family Opertunity"¬†‚ÄĒ which¬†not only¬†spelled the word¬†opportunity wrong¬†but, as some astute grammarphiles¬†pointed out, also forgot the hyphen between the words multi and family.

The sign also displayed a broken, incorrect website address (the correct domain extension is .ca, not .ab) and forgot to provide an area code for the listed phone number. Ten-digit dialling has been mandatory in Alberta since 2008.

Iveson took note of the typos, replying to the tip-off tweet with a "sigh" and asking the city to fix them. Five copies of the sign with the typos had been put up, according to CTV Edmonton.

A spokesperson with the City of Edmonton told CBC News on Saturday afternoon that those five signs were in the process of being fixed.

While the signs may be fixed, the typos didn't go unnoticed.

Twitter users took all sorts of jabs at the spelling errors.

Some saw the misspell as a chance for the city to rebrand itself with a new slogan.

Though it was non-official, Edmonton went by the "City of Champions" slogan for almost 30 years, with the title gracing all the welcome signs to the city. But councillors voted to get rid of it last April, calling the tagline outdated. After the vote, Mayor Iveson said the city was in "a post-tagline era." 

City staff are in the process of creating a new brand for Edmonton, but some Twitter users have taken slogan inspiration from the misspelling.

Edmonton isn't the only Alberta city to get its signage in the spotlight this week.

Okotoks, a small town about 330 kilometres from Edmonton, was ridiculed online for using the slogan, "There are a number of things to do in Okotoks." One Twitter user decided to combine the plights of both places.

One user thought the sign offered some explanation.

Others saw the mess-up as one big missed 'opertunity'...

A Vancouver mortgage broker thought it was an ingenious way to get property sold.

...and one Twitter user gave the city the benefit of the doubt.


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