Dramatic photos of Vancouver oil spill spark pipeline outrage on social media

As striking photos of the oil spill in Vancouver's English Bay spread on social media Thursday, many voiced concerns that the sight of fuel on water will become common if B.C. becomes home to more oil pipelines.

Many fear sight of fuel on water will become common if B.C. gets more oil pipelines

As a toxic bunker fuel spill spread across Vancouver's English Bay and washed ashore on the city's many beaches, people took to social media to share worrying photos, along with fears for the province's environmental future.

Aerial photos capture the scale of the spill

The water looks like this in some places

Fuel is clearly visible on beaches as well

Many have expressed concern for wildlife

And outrage that some have described the spill as 'minor'

And while clean-up efforts are underway

Some have doubts about how much can really be done

Many more have said the spill is proof the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline will be an environmental disaster

And appealed directly to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

But this was most dominant sentiment shared online