Donald Trump claims Fox moderator Megyn Kelly 'bombed' in Republican debate

Donald Trump wrapped up his first U.S. Republican presidential debate hours after it ended, by verbally attacking one of its moderators and sparring with others on social media who felt his performance fell short.

GOP candidate takes to Twitter to criticize host, pollster following Thursday's debate

Trump comes out of debate swinging

7 years ago
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Donald Trump claims Fox moderator Megyn Kelly 'bombed' in Republican debate, takes to Twitter to criticize host

Donald Trump unofficially continued his first U.S. Republican presidential debate last night on social media, taking to Twitter to criticize one of the moderators and attack others who felt his performance fell short.

Trump, who was joined by nine other candidates at the debate Thursday evening, faced tough questions about his past disparaging comments about women and being the sole candidate to refuse to pledge his support to the eventual party nominee.

After the debate, Trump had some less-than-kind words for one of the debate's hosts, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

During the debate, Trump had already taken issue with Kelly's treatment of him. Following a question about past disparaging remarks about women, he said, "Honestly, Megyn, if you don't like it, I'm sorry. I've been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be based on the way you have treated me."

After posting tweets directed at Kelly, Trump focused on retweeting some of his supporters who were also critical of the host.

Kelly has not yet responded to Trump's statements on Twitter.

Calls pollster 'a low class slob'

Trump also had harsh words for Frank Luntz, a pollster and the founder of Luntz Global, which runs focus groups.​

Luntz was holding a focus group during the debate and tweeting about how Trump's performance influenced people's perception of him.

Trump did not take kindly to Luntz's criticism and accused him of picking people for his focus group that were anti-Trump.

Luntz took the allegations in stride, tweeting out a link for people to sign up for his focus groups if they want to "set them straight."


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