Check out these quirky moments from the Democratic National Convention

From comedian Stephen Colbert's antics to questionable fashion, there is no shortage of entertaining moments at the Democratic National Convention.

From dancing to questionable fashion choices, look at the party partying

Questionable fashion is adding entertainment value to the Democratic National Convention. (Gary Cameron/Reuters)

This week's Democratic National ​Convention has picked up on some of the quirky moments seen at last week's Republican National Convention. 

Of course, the DNC has seen its fair share of rocky controversy, too. The four-day event kicked off in Philadelphia with a leaked email fiasco that infuriated Bernie Sanders supporters and led to party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announcing her resignation because of her involvement with the scandal. 

There also have been signs of division as some Democrats are making it clear they are not Hillary Clinton fans.

But thankfully, dance moves, strange fashion choices and Stephen Colbert have brought much needed comedic relief to the convention, making it a little more fun to watch. 

Democrat dance break 

If there is one thing the Democratic and Republican delegates have in common, it may be their love for dance. With dramatic arm flails and hip-swaying, the Democrats are not shy when it comes to busting a move. Which party has the better dancers? You be the judge.

Colbert's ​antics continue 

Last week, Late Show host and comedian Stephen Colbert appeared at the Republican National Convention dressed as Hunger Games character Caesar Flickerman, but his antics were just getting started.

Colbert continued his act at the DNC and did not fail to entertain. With his pet weasel in tow, Colbert was determined to dodge security and make his way to the main stage podium. 

Aside from the Hunger Games shenanigans, Colbert set up the "condiment cam." At last week's RNC, the Late Show's social media team placed a hidden camera at the snack bar's condiment station and live-streamed the footage on Facebook Live.

Nearly 500,000 people tuned in to watch Republican delegates pour ketchup on their hotdogs, Colbert claimed. The best moment of it all was when the cam caught Fox News anchor Bret Baier filling a water bottle with mustard.

In hopes of catching more mustard hoarders, Colbert also live-streamed the DNC's condiment station. 

From condiments to condoms 

If the condiments don't make you laugh, perhaps these condoms being sold outside the DNC will do the trick.They come in politically themed packages with labels like "Feel the Bern" and "Obama Stimulus Package." is the company behind the cheeky marketing ploy."It's bringing a bit of humour to this crazy election cycle," a condom peddler told CBC News. 

Bernie heartbreak   

Fans of Hillary Clinton celebrated Tuesday night when she became the first woman in U.S. history to receive the presidential nomination from a major political party. But not everyone at the the DNC was feeling the celebratory mood. 

Bernie Sanders supporters were heartbroken when their main man endorsed Clinton. As a result, there were many grief-stricken faces in the crowd that make for a cry-face compilation you just can't look away from. 

Fashion alert

Some delegates channelled their passion for the party into their outfits. From a Bernie Sanders onesie to a dress plastered with the faces of Barack and Michelle Obama, there is no shortage of questionable fashion choices at the DNC.

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