Condom Challenge: Teens discover second most fun use for condoms

Some young people have created a novel new use for condoms, and it's become an internet sensation.

The kids are 'all right'


Some of our brightest young minds have discovered a new use for condoms.

It's called the condom challenge, and it involves dropping a condom full of water onto someone's head so it latches on, temporarily sealing them inside like a stunned goldfish fish poured into a bag.  

If the name sounds familiar, it's because a way more disturbing stunt, also called the condom challenge, began making the rounds online in 2013.

Thankfully, this is not that challenge — but it's no less of an internet sensation.  

This condom challenge began with the realization that sometimes, given the right circumstances, a condom full of water and a willing partner can illicit exciting results.

The gag soon went viral under the hashtag #condomchallenge.

Some are filming it in glorious slow-motion.

Others find the challenge especially, well... challenging.

So far, no one appears to have been seriously injured. So far.

It should go without saying that covering your mouth and nose with an airtight seal can be potentially hazardous and probably shouldn't be done, but we'll say it anyway.

It is dangerous, and you shouldn't do it. 

But, if the condom challenge is having one positive effect, it's that it may be helping to dispel a persistent, and dubious rumour:


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